Current Gaming!


Currently I have been a hermit in the basement playing some X-Box 360 games for hours and forgetting about the time!

Games Currently playing:

  • Lost Planet
  • Gears of War
  • Dynasty Warriors
  • Oblivion

I want to buy a few other games but I really haven’t finished Lost Planet or Oblivion and it looks like you can’t finish Oblivion at this rate! Its insane, you can just keep on going and I really want to develop the character into a powerful magical knight! I think I should also pick up the HD-DVD and see how good the movies are since it will work the X-Box 360 Elite! The one game I want to pick is Crackdown since I develop a supercop and that would be really fun developing that type of character and beating bad guys!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hey hook up your xbox to the internet and download 720p movie trailers if you want to see how good they look on your tv. while you are at it download a bunch of game demos like crackdown :)

  2. You still haven’t finished those games? My friend has already finished them (and I think he also unlocked all the achievements). Currently he’s busy with Castlevania that he bought via Xbox Live Store. I didn’t really like Crackdown though; it reminds me of a futuristic GTA…but I don’t like GTA in the first place.

    Halo 3 Beta is starting this May so I guess we all know what you will be playing next month :)

  3. Mark: I will be doing that! It seems that the cimping on the wire I had wasn’t done right so I won’t be able to right now, but by saturday I will!

    Angelo! I finished GoW and Dynasty Warriors, but I want to again! I like GTA! hehehe! Halo 3 in May! So Soon! ONLY HALO!!!

  4. hi Marzouq! :D

    i’m planning on getting my lil bro the 360 core system cuz i know he wont use the 20gb hard drive for movies and storing stuff.. so if that thing on the right for playing dvds, does that mean that the system itself doesnt play dvds? :|

  5. snookia: no the 360 plays dvds, that external one is for HD-DVDs! So you don’t have to worry about that! But he will need the external hard to store information!

  6. Faisal

    good luck trying to finish oblivion. I’ve been playing for months and gave up recently after i realized this thing never ends!

  7. Angel_Of_Deth

    I have to admit that the XBOX360 is a wonderful machine, especially when playing online (PES6 especaily) and GoW…. I just cant stop thinking about it!!!

  8. Faisal: looool! Now thats encouraging! I don’t think I’m going to stop so easily! I want to really build my character! But like you said a few months down the line and things change!

    Angel_Of_Deth: I finished GoW twice now and its the only game remotely close to Halo3!

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