Quick Stop @ TriStar


I was on my ride and decided to stop by Tristar to check out what parts they have and what machines they had. Its like walking into a candy store when I go in there! So many different kinds of bikes, so many beautiful machines! Not enough space to sit on each one, but it would take so much time to admire all of them and I really like so many different ones. There was this interesting 4 wheel machine with OZ racing rims, seemed really interesting, and it looks like it will handle like a go kart! I can’t wait to get my parts for Pyro just so that he would start looking a little different with a fierce look!







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  1. i was there 2 days ago and didn’t want to leave the place

    in the near future i’ll be riding in the bike in the last PIC

    that 4-wheels will be bitch to be handled like a go cart bcoz there will be lot’s of G-force and u r not in a bike to lean or setting in a bucket seat

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  3. moukalled

    all the time your camera with you :) :) &thank s for tristar for the good Service

  4. moukalled

    all the time your camera with you :):):):) & thank for tristar for good Service

  5. Vampire: I hope you ride it too! I really like that color too! The four wheeler will be interesting though!

    Nora: hehe! Its like a big toy store!

  6. hope next time you stay enouph as we could exchange some idea

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