Review: Van Wilder 2 – The Rise of Taj


This is the movie following the original Van Wilder which was a huge comic hit a few years back. I still watch it and laugh since it was so good. This movie is a continuation of Taj who was mentored by Van, he is now continuing his higher studies in the United Kingdom. This takes a slightly different twist since now Taj is the main guy and he exudes confidence. This movie seemed to be playing more on the comical side then the original movie, but if you liked the original you will enjoy this one. This isn’t even close to the original movie but still very entertaining. Its a mix of American and British humor and has its funny parts, but its a movie see once, not again like the original.

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  1. that actor is getting really recognized even though he has that indian/american look but i enjoyed watching him in the Namesake

  2. ya7laila Taj lol kan yakser el kha6er in Van Wilder…

  3. Yeah I have seen the original but never got to watch this one. This sequel has a “RENT” written all over it :)

  4. Laialy: yeah he is everywhere right now! Since last year I htink!

    Swair: loooo!

    Angelo: yes, its a rent only! laugh once and move on!

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