Windows pulling OEM Windows XP next January

Right now you have the option of buying Windows XP or Windows Vista with your new PC purchase, but by January of 2008 you will not have that option. Since Microsofts Windows XP agreement will end at the beginning of 2008 and you will have to buy Vista. That will be an interesting development to see what Microsoft does since not everyone is adapting to Vista since it still has its fair share of problems and heavy system requirements. It will be an interesting development for sure since people won’t enjoy that transition.

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  1. Microsoft will loose big time, because now it does not control the medium of such computer software channels, but the question is who might replace them, i mean you cant get a PC now a days without and operating system?

  2. I guess people should start to buy Apple shares

  3. but but I hate Vista without trying it out yet, it feels so loaded at least that’s what my friend is telling me and he tried it out.. the only way he could’ve made it livable is by stripping away most of the features in it since they are pointless and run the background and slow everything down.

  4. i predict that by then they will have some of the major problems fixed since they already have a large community who migrated to Vista

  5. it took me till XP service Pack 2 to get it on my systems … till then i was happy with windows 2000 professional. i guess i will need to wait til vista is tried and tested ……!!!!

  6. Qaiss: you can get it without an operating system but then it won’t work out of the box! I don’t know what will happen after they do that!

    Financy: looool!

    Jacqui: loool! I knew you wouldn’t like it! Like I said it sucks the life out of your PC!

    Laialy: hopefully, I’m hoping for more fixes from now until then!

    Swair: looool! now thats expressive!

    Rayboy: That will be a little while before they release a second fix! I bet you will upgrade sometime soon! hehehe

  7. Letmego

    I ve installed Vista Ultimate on my machine a month ago and believe me it ROCKS.The system is faster than XP,devices are breeze to install,more user friendly than XP,great security features and of course Aero & all those cool eye candy stuff is icing on the cake.I recommend Vista for people with powerful machines ONLY.

  8. hmm well there is not a lot to worry about i think, of course there will be bugs but regarding system resources vista home basic is not too much of a drag from XP

    i personally feel that since the OS uses a lot of resources it is ‘looking ahead’ as in it will be better for newer and future PCs.


  9. Letmego: yeah, you have to have a powerful machine but thats the problem, they should have developed it so that it works on easy clietns!

    arabianfox: Hopefully the next gen hardware will be able ot handle it easily!

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