Stolen R1 Conclusion


It was in January when my Yamaha R1 was stolen in the US, and it has been a long process with insurance. The R1 had full coverage insurance with Geico and there is a process you have to follow with insurance.

What happened:

  • Contacted the police when the bike was stolen
  • Gave the police all the details
  • Then the police officer gives you a number to follow up with the police report
  • Then next morning my friend contacted insurance and told them what happened, he gave them the police report number
  • The police report took about 2 to 3 weeks to get to insurance
  • Then insurance has 1 month to search for the stolen bike
  • After that they evaluated the value of the motorcycle and you just have to wait, they asked for all the service reports and all the reciepts I had, and I kept those all in a file for every bike I had.

I bought the motorcycle back in March of 2005 and it only had been ridden 3400 miles (5480 kilometers), and I bought it for $10’800

I was thinking insurance would offer me something around $8’000, but they sent me a cheque for $9’200 which is fantastic, I really didn’t expect that, and I recommend anyone who wants good insurance to go with Geico.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Jafar

    with that + some you can ship a Ducati Classic to the States !

  2. whatever you decide to get just make sure its nothing like you have now.
    Maybe a BMW 1200 adventure or a naked bike like the Brutale!

  3. thats neat !!
    got anything planned for that moolah ?
    maybe some more custom carbon goodies for pyro ?

  4. 1. al7amdillah everything worked out
    2. inshalla you’ll invest in the money well
    3. i just love Geico commercials ^_^

  5. sabah: thanks!

    K: hahahahaha!

    Jafar: looool! I think I will keep it in the states!

    Mark: hmmm that would be interesting!

    vampire: loooool!

    Mathew: I’m thinking another bike in the states! Pyro will be getting his carbon for sure!

    Laialy: thanks! I agree I enjoy the Geico commericials too, it makes them seem less intimidative!

  6. That’s such good news! I’m so happy for you! Not every insurance would pay like that!!

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