Another Work Trip


This is the itenerary when going to Bahrain:

  • Leave Kuwait at 10:00pm
  • Reach Bahrain by 2:00pm
  • Meeting at 8:00am
  • Finishing by 2:30pm
  • Leaving for Kuwait by 3:00pm
  • Arriving in Kuwait by 7:00pm

People are telling me that it takes about three hours to get to Bahrain, but I’m factoring in a little lost time and what ever might happen, but I’m also assuming that I will be flying. I don’t think we have anytime what so ever to see Bahrain so this trip won’t count, and this is my first trip to Bahrain, some people like it and some don’t but I dont have enough time to even see it. Then came to Kuwait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Haha… you mean: Reach Bahrain by 2:00am !!?? ;)

    Well hope you get to breath in between all that!

    One question though: Do you like your work? I mean you are killing yourself, but I wouldn’t do it unless I’m deeply in love with my work!

  2. i’ve never been anywhere in the gulf other than our backyard :p

  3. i drove from bahrain to kuwait,, my speed was not less 150km/h,, from the bahrain saudi boarded to kuwait boarder,, took me 3 exact hours

    drive safe,, bessalama enshala

  4. WB

    as for Bahrain, in the future if you will go to it, I think you might enjoy it, its a cozy small country am into cozy small places so I liked it. Pitty my trip was 3 days long only, I have seen so little of it but liked it, I mostly enjoyed the simplicity of people over there, you can walk up to a guy “being a girl that is” & ask for something or start a conversation about something with out having him thinking any thing bad of you or being glued to you! I don’t know weather its the amount of non-Arabs over there, the cultural mix? but the people there are sooo friendly!!

    They mostly work in every thing, which made me respect them more. The mall where in the weekends you see half of Kuwait over there is Al-Seif mall, good one but no different than the ones we have, except for the shops that is.

    I tried a few restaurants over there but ASFAHANI is a must go to, if you are into Iranian cuisine. There is this the coffee bean & tea leaf coffee shop located in Al-jawhara complex in Al-Jufair area, pretty cool place, quiet with free internet :D I liked it since it was close to where we stayed as a result for traveling all of a sudden in a time where Hotels being fully booked! along with an adventurous father that likes to live life simple, no plans no luxury!

    Why i wrote this long review even that i was not asked for it? because ur post reminded me of my trip over there that i enjoyed :D

    Hope you have the time to visit it & see whats in it

  5. allah ykooon ib 3oonik.. your always working mashalla 3laik
    i cant even imagine how tired you must feel after a long day of work !

    i think you need another holiday just like when you went to london..

  6. WOW there’s no even a time for you to see the country. I think if you are flying, you will reach Bahrain in less than an hour or so. I never have gone there though. Have a nice trip.

  7. Nora: looool! Im enjoying work and its one hell of a learning experience thats for sure!

    Laialy: Niether was I before this job really!

    vampire: alah esalmik! yeah its about 3 hours but the borders are what take sometime!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Thanks! Yeah the people seem approachable which is nice and they are relaxed unlike in Kuwait. Yeah the Bahranis who work seem to be really working. I’m happy you wrote all the details! thanks I will be checking these places out!

    Amo0ora: Don’t feel tired, just dead! hehehe! I’m thinking about London again!

    Angelo: Yeah didn’t have time to see much really!

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