Bahrain Trip Quick Recap



It was one hell of short trip. We were four guys two guys slept and two were up, i was driving and my copilot was a champ.

Rules of Being the CoPilot:

  • Copilot Doesn’t sleep
  • Copilot helps the driver with whatever he needs
  • Copilot provides food and bevearges
  • Copilot also provides directions

I was almost about to pass out by the time I got to Bahrain, I stopped once to pour water all over my face, I needed it to stay awake. And going through the check points were interesting to say the least.

Kuwait/Saudi Border (11:00pm):

  • Kuwait Immigiration: Good
  • Saudi Immigration: Very Nice
  • Suadi Customs: Good

Saudi/Bahrain Border (3:00am):

  • Saudi Immigration: Good
  • Bahrain Immigration: Very Nice
  • Bahrain Customs: Pissed off for some reason, maybe because he was at work at 3am

Saudi/Bahrain Border (3:30pm):

  • Bahrain Immigration: Good
  • Saudi Immigration: Good
  • Saudi Customs: Very Nice

Kuwait/Saudi Border (7:20pm)

  • Saudi Immigtraion: Good
  • Kuwait Immigration: Good
  • Kuwait Customs: Nonexistent

That was just short recap of our trip but it was for work but also we had a hilarious time on the drive back. Also the landcruiser’s rear A/C wasn’t working for some reason, and on the way back I was releaved of my driving duties to lack of sleep from this week. So they sent me ot the back, I have to say that the Landcruiser is pretty damn comfortable in the back, it can really lean back which is really relaxing.

I have to say that people drive really nicely in Bahrain and in Saudi you drive like everyone is going to hit you, which usually is the case.
















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7mdellah 3al salamah….wb…:)

  2. There shouldn’t even be a Kuwaiti Customs office.. What would anyone want to smuggle out of Saudi Arabia.

  3. what’s with the bug ?! (-___-) ““““`

  4. This is the first time I read you saying that you didn’t drive for some reason! You always have driven! Well glad you had a good drive, and arrived safely back in KW!

    So in Saudi they drive more dangerously than in KW?

  5. do you have a job available for me ? :(

    i LOVE traveling

  6. i am the BEST co-pilot in the world
    i usually co-piloted when we drove to Cali and other places :)
    plus, i always enjoy your pictures ^_^

  7. Nora you dont wanna see how they drive in saudi. its soo scary they do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want..

    and 7mdlah 3al salama, 3ad my dad was telling me how he wants me to drive to ba7rain since im getting my license sooon..

    your job is cooool,, its fun seeing diff. countries and meeting diff. ppl..

  8. cool photos!

    no wonder u were worn out! It woulda been easier to take a plane lol

  9. MAZE: alah esalmik!

    K: loooool! Thats what somebody else said! hehehe!

    Vampire: That thing was HUGE!!!

    Nora: Waaaayyy more dangerously, they are insane and do what they want!!!

    Financy: Do you like working long hours in the IT business? Then I do! hehehe

    Laialy: That is true, I remember back when you did travel you were copilot!

    Missy: That thing was huge!!!

    Amo0ora: yeah they are nuts! That would be fun, its an experience! yeah it is cool and one hell of a learning experience!

    ananyah: Thanks! Yeah it does drain but just something different!

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