Friday Different Ride


I went riding this Friday morning after taking a nice long deserved nap. I really wanted to ride and get things going, so I got on my bike and headed over to Marina for a quick drink in this heat and continue riding. To my surprise I saw a huge amount of MV Agustas, the most I have ever seen in Kuwait, about 7 of them and a lot of other bikes. Then I saw a friend who was riding an R1, and he told me to come meet these guys at the Cafe. So when I headed over it turned out to be the MV Agusta crew, and I have never met them before, so I decided to stay and I knew two of the 13 poeple there.

After about 20 mins we headed out and the group was about 19 motorcycles which is a large group. What I liked is there organization, and there designation of safety officers and hand signals for situations. We rode from Salmiya to Hilton Manguf, and from there I decided to go home while they stopped to get a bite to eat. A nice bunch of guys who I will be riding with every once in a while. It was an interesting experience since all of them are riding superbikes and they were all going fast in an organized way. It was fun and I will join them every now and then.












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  1. I was there friday morning, what time did you get there?

  2. never mind Mark,, give me little time and i’ll be riding with u instead of Marzouq :p~

    i’m buying a bike TODAY!

  3. The Don: At 11:20am! and we left at 11:35am, what time were you there?

    Mark: loool! I dont think this would have been a safe crowd for you! But I just went out post haste! hehehe!

    Ananyah: looool!

    Missy: loooooool! Entaw embad3een! hehehe

  4. definitely a different ride ! Were there any Senna edition Agustas there ? what about Brutales ?
    Pyro must have been happy to see some fellow Italianos !! LOL

  5. Hey, My hubby has a MoMo helmet, too!! Bas I have nuttin else to say…..

  6. that looks so neat
    *writes down: remember to go out Friday morning looking for bikers* :p

  7. Mathew: No there weren’t there was the Temborini Edition which is 30’000 KD! And one Brutale. Seriously!

    Missy: loooool!

    NoNoWa: Its a cool helment, but I like full face helmets!

    Laialy: looooool! hehehehe

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