TomTom One XL


This is the new navigation device from TomTom with built in Map of the US & Canada or all of Europe internally, it also realtime traffic updates and fast loading times. The 4.3 inch touch screen is large and very simple to use. I wish this type of navigation device was available to be used in the Middle East with all the points of interest.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. I feel bad for laughing when I read “… the Middle East with all the points of interest”

  2. my mom has it and loves it!

    except it talks to u and is annoying!

  3. mooocherx: humor me! hehehe!

    Ananyah: yeah its cooooollll!!!!! The voice should be a sexy sultry woman! hehehe

  4. such technology would be interesting
    i’ve always wondered, if new roads are made do you have to get the device updated? or does it automatically get updated ?

  5. Laialy: Depends, if you connect it to the internet, it will update! Its pretty cool and simple! thats why I like it!

  6. Stella

    I’ve used the ONE and I really really like it – it’s so easy to use (even for someone that isn’t so technologically inclined like me. This new one, the XL looks awesome too – I can’t wait to see what it looks like in widescreen!

  7. Stella: Yeah TomTom makes good products but sometimes there are issues with the accuracy but I still think its a great product and the interface is great!!

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