BMW Concept CS

This is the new concept car from BMW and it looks very different then what they have come up before. It has the hints of BMW ingenuity but it has a new taste from the design aspect. I’m curious to know whats under the hood, because if the looks match the engine then it will be one fast machine. I hope they move forward with this extreme design and move it into production.



Link: UnCrate

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  1. i don’t know why .. when i see there pictures i think of ‘icecream’

  2. Damn .. This is really amaaaaaazing. The steering wheel is awesome, and the car looks so sportive. Maybe it will fit an M6 engine or even a more powerful engine than that.

    It is absolutely awesome, they gotta move this design into production.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. it looks angry.. but the interior is amazing

  4. as i said 2 frankom it looks freaky! and it looks like the alfa romeo spider .. the wheels looks amazing!!

  5. Laialy: Im curious to know! heheh!

    Amjad: That is one beautiful machine! I would like to get my hands on it!

    EniGma: Yeah, I like its angry look!

    Daloom: hmmm it does have a different look to it!

    K: I knew you wouldn’t like it! hehehe

  6. hehe the first thing i thought when i first saw the pics was. SHARK! :D

    hmm any idea where to get wallpapers?

    btw is this done by Chris Bangle? that guy is awesome.

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