Little Guy


It has been a nice few days since I have been seeing my nephew a lot and I just can’t seem to say no to the little tyke. He runs around and I chase him just to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself too much. When they are young they are simple to please, he loves balls and likes to play with balloons. So when we took him to the toy store all he wants is those plastic balls, even though I want to get him something bigger! It gets to me when we walks over and wants something but he hugs before that, he knows I have a soft spot for him, a real big soft spot. I don’t think anybody has made a clown out of me as much as him, and I love it when he laughs! I want him always laughing! The one thing that drives me made is other people on the road when I’m driving with him in the car, I want to beat them like a pinata when they drive badly, I really want to hurt them, and I drive protectively but still I got nuts.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ^_^
    allah ekhaleeh inshallaa
    i am looking forward to seeing my cousin’s baby, i just love baby boys more than baby girls for some reason, and he is a HOOT :) however they tell me he has yet to talk, but boys are late bloomers anyway

  2. You seriously need one of those :P

    You need a little boy to spoil :P

  3. Fuzz

    Hey marzouq, I know this is totally off topic, but here goes.. I’m taking up biking and i got a damn good offer on a used yamaha r1. Its going for 1000 KD. About 2 years old and very few miles on it. I understand its a 1000cc motorcycle, but should I go for it?

    >reply to email would be appreciated =o)

  4. i can finally relate.. my sister gave me a nephew a couple weeks ago.. i’m so in love with him.. it’s so tough to leave to work in the morning if he’s awake.. i just want to sit and stare at him. and he’s only 2 weeks old.. ya3ney he hasnt even begun connecting/ communicating/ laughing yet! ra7at 3lay min el zain..

    and i know exactly what u mean about idiots on the road.. i was the same when my sister was pregnant and with me in the car.. i’d get so ticked off at moronic drivers!!

  5. allaha ekhalleeeh…and hope to see ur kids soon…:)

  6. Zabo0o6a

    my sister is at dubai now and i’m lo0king after my two nephews they’re just so adorable . i guess that the only reason that makes me wants to get married is to have children of my own ( god i love’em)

  7. awww

    thats so sweet!

    yeah little ones can totally take over your heart!

    allah ykhaleeh likom inshallah

  8. other people’s children always seem to be a better option that your own…

    …sol hold your horses, and just keep entertaining your nephew for a little while longer ;-)

  9. Laialy: mashkoora! Boys are fun, but girls are fun too!

    Jacqui: looool! one of those! hehehehe

    Fuzz: hhmmmm, I don’t think it would be a good idea. Do you know the person, how bad was it used, it could have been abused. Just watch out.

    MSB: yeah, alah ekhalee lukum inshalla! That is the funny part I don’t want to leave the kid and he always looks for me! And the driving, I want to kill them!

    MAZE: Mashkoor!

    Zabo0o6a: yeah, I can understand that! Kids are a blessing!

    Eshda3wa: mashkoora! yeah, total take over! hehehe

    moocherx: looool! Thats what I was thinking! All the benefits and less responsibility! hehehe

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