Nice Weather


At night we were sitting outside for a couple of hours, it was nice. It was pleasent and we had some nice seating outside and comfortable, it felt very soothing even with the sound of cars coming by it was nice being outside with the smell of fresh air. The pool water was a little cold, but it looked really nice and I just wanted to jump into it wearing my dishdasha, but I try keeping my senses about me. I really wanted to jump in though, it was warm and it looked nice.



A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You, Kuwaiti people, call it dishdasha like Omanis? I thought you call it thoob ..

  2. :(
    * in the MIS Lab *
    * a little home sick *
    i’ll be home SOOOOON

  3. jewaira

    You’re right the weather has been great at night. What a lovely place to sit and a wonderful place to swim…

  4. it looks so inviting.

    JUMP JUMP JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. Amjad,

    thoob is emarati

    dishdasha is kuwaiti ;p

  6. Jump Marzuq Jump or I am going to rent Run Lola
    Run for you!

    It doesn’t matter what you have on as long as you
    feel happy doing it. I have seen a fair
    share of men in their three piece suits jumping into
    the office pool after a frightfully long conference call
    that went into the wee hours of the morning.

    At the software facility where I had been to recently,
    in Bangalore I was amazed to see sari clad engineers
    do the same except they would do it in much bigger
    groups. There was this young lady from
    Mussorie, I think she said she was from, who liked
    to go paragliding in a sari.
    Think about it. If a woman can go paragliding in a sari
    the biker in you can most certainly go swim in a dishdasha.

  7. Vampire: looool!

    Amjad: yeah we call them dishdashas!

    Laialy: bil salamah inshalla!

    Q80-ChillGirl: looool! All white and water just doesn’t help!!!

    jewaira: yeah, its nice and pleasent!

    MAZE: looooool!

    EniGma: hehehehe! It was very very inviting!

    Ananyah: hehehe! you know too much!

    Jumping Translocation: Now that is some inspiration to jump into the pool! It would feel nice for sure! I would want to try it out in the dishdasha at that moment, but I wll be swimming soon! hehehe

  8. I’ve jumped into the pool with my jeans and t-shirt and sandles hundred of times (even when i’m wearing swimsuit underneath). Just for the fun of it. Your movements become slow. After you take out your clothes, watch ’em float on the water- 7ada wanasa! I even tried jumping with a purse once, goofin around with my cousins (without the phone of course) and open it under water, you watch all your things come out in slow motion and float- but the BEST one was opening the can of pepsi- just do it before you empty your pool =P

    Dont ask what else we did… crazy but fun heheh =P
    Have fun…

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