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I haven’t gone through my Ubuntu Book yet, but I am just skimming through it right now and there is a lot of useful information. The setup I have for the hardware is very simple and I want to install both Vista and Ubuntu on it. I think it has the hardware to support Vista, I’m just trying to figure out which one to install first. I would like to just go ahead with Ubuntu, but some people are telling me to install Vista first because it may become unstable and with the new improved Ubuntu they have improved the Dual Booter.

Also with this recent update it is more compatible with different hardware and has less issues, which is always an improvement. Every person I talk to is very happy with Ubuntu, so I’m betting this improvement just makes things easier. The new version is called Feisty Fawn which is pretty funny.

Link: Engadget

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  1. Eddy

    what is ubuntu???

  2. I installed Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my laptop, but my wireless card is not supported. I guess I need to play around with NDISwrapper to get it to work.

  3. zoomzoom

    after i use vista, i think no way to try any OS out there

    if you you have a capable vista pc then you would know that vista is faster than xp and much more stable due to strict drivers requirement in vista

    even people with low graphic cards can turn off the aero and enjoy their vista but bashing microsoft these days are common any way :) .

  4. Letmego

    Yah! Im with zoomzoom,most people bitching about Vista prolly have never tried it.Its awesome,faster & stable than Xp.Once u get the kick out of the Aero & Dreamscene thingy u wont go back to any other OS.

    I had Ubuntu a month ago,I didnt like it a bit.You still need to depend on commands n stuff to install additional programs.NO drivers support for Nvidia hardware and compared to XP & Vista it was slow.It was a total dissappointment.

  5. My cousin has been using Ubuntu for quite a long time now, he’s so into it.

    I know if I wasn’t on a Mac I would definitely be on Ubuntu.

  6. Try the wobbly window effects, they’re fun! :D

  7. hi there
    I have been using Linux for 8 years now.
    And there is one rule for installing Windows and Linux at the same time (dual boot).
    Windows goes first… Windows does hog the hard disk for itself (unless there are other windows versions).
    Linux is more open, it will help you setup a dual boot when it detects another OS.
    Just make sure to partition from the beginning before installing Vista, will keep the trouble out for later (defrag, repartition etc.).
    Good Luck :).
    PS: Don’t give up on Linux immediately it takes some time to get used to it but you will like it for sure, since you are a non conformist :).
    PS2: Have been reading your blog for sometime now, you and 248 and its good that I found some people who like motorcycles as much as I do :). Getting my license soon :)…11 years too later I believe sadly in Lebanon its suicide to own a bike.. UK..Much better :).

  8. I’ve tried Ubuntu 6.x before, it’s OK but it still needs some improvement

    Is KDE impemented in this version?

    btw, anyone who is interested could get a FREE CDs shipped to him by visiting Ubunto’s site, they have x86, 64bit, and Mac versions

    they even encourege others to COPY and distribute the media.

  9. Eddy: its an operating system like Windows.

    Don Veto: hmmm, yeah a few tweaks and hopefully it would work!

    zoomzoom: I will try vista on a capable machine and hopefully it will be fine! Even with aero turned off!

    Letmego: it has a few problems though, but its still nice! I like the linux kernel and I’m used to the commands so I don’t think there would too many issues really

    MacaholiQ8: very nice!

    3baid: looool!

    kodder: thank you very much for all the useful information!! I know Linux pretty well, I just have to remember all the commands, and thats why I bought a reference book! And I’m happy your getting a motorcycle!! But yeah in Lebanon it would be suicide, but in the UK its a lot of fun but watch out for all the cameras. The UK has a ton of speeding cameras, in every direction!

    لمياء الحالمة: I like the way they do things and courage people to spread it! But I’m not sure about the KDE implementation yet, I’m not familiar hopefully with this one the kinks have been worked out!

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