The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler


If your a Star Wars fan this is the definitive book written by Rinzler. It interviews all the people the struggled to make this movie at the time when people didn’t think it would succeed or become what it has over the past 30 years, turning into one of the biggest pop-culture phenomenons of the 20th/21st century. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book, I have been a scienfiction fan all my life and seeing this movie when I was young may have influenced me into loving science fiction so getting this book is a must for a Star Wars fans.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. I’m forwarding this to my friend. He sure gonna like it :)

  2. Seems like an interesting book esp. that its about a movie that has been popular for the past 30yrs… :)

    Halaa Halaa eb Marzouq wallah ;) Sorry ma salamat 3adil in no3iks blog bs kent lai 7hazatha masdooma min what happen :P

  3. Angelo: I know I’m going to like it!

    Bella: Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing it too! Alah esalmich, I was just curious where you disappeared too! I knew you were busy bes thought you would pop up sometimes!

    cixousianpanic: yup you should!

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