Modified Audi Q7


I spotted this car while on the road, I had to take some pictures because it is the first tastefully done Audi Q7 with the body kit and rims to fit the look. I think this is a quality kit and it all fit together. The one thing I don’t like about the Q7 is the rear its not Van looking, but with this kit it looks really different and I really like it.




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  1. it’s a lame having such a body kit while u’r still running with the regular V8 or even V6,, looks great though

    i have seen a black/orange Q7 2 weeks ago with a body kit and rims,, that one was beautifully made

    u should hide his license plate number (^_^) “`

  2. It’s got a very sexy derrière I will grant you that
    but let’s now get down to the nitty gritty of who it was behind the wheel.

  3. Carlsb3rg

    certainly doesnt look like a kit from Shuwaikh :D

  4. Nice kit,
    definitely not from Shuwaikh LOL !
    Might be a Nottel Kit or JE Design setup

  5. Sin

    From the other modified Q7’s in kuwait this one looks the best. Would like to see the front end though.
    The tail pipes look cool too.

  6. Biohazard

    I’ve seen the black Q7 with the orange kit too. Didn’t really see it that well, but this one looks smoother than the one I saw because of the matching colours.

  7. That ain’t a bad looking Q7. The body kit is actually one of the wide ones from JE DESIGN. They’ve done a good job for the Q7.

  8. Vampire: I think its pretty good! I was thinking about hiding it but I didn’t think anyone would look for it really!

    JT: looool! I have no clue who was behind the wheel! They were going fast!

    Carlsb3rg: exactly!!

    Mathew: lol! yeah its nice, but no clue from where!

    Amjad: yup!

    Sin: I couldn’t get the fron the guy was going to fast, but it looked nice!

    Biohazard: I haven’t seen the orange one but this one looks real nice all together!

    Sam: Very nice! so its JE Design, they did a good job with it, turning it from a Van looking SUV to a Sport looking SUV!!

  9. sultan

    wawoooooooooo!!! its very nice with this kit.because all of the people that owns Q7 they put ABT kit but i want 2 now if there are kit for A8

  10. lephalala

    I just wish Audi will heed my suggestion to put the Groups W12 on a Q7 and give it those looks

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