Quick WrapUp


This has been an interesting weekend, real slow and chill which isn’ too bad.


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Work was a bit hectic but got done then I went for the haircut after that, chilled at home for a while it was nice. Then I went out with my friend a bit, but I would have prefered to stay at home to watch some movies. I passed by my grandmothers place which was nice, but there was a lot of traffic on the way back home. I chilled in the basement for a while after that!


I couldn’t get up, I was exhausted, it was nice sleeping in for once, I wanted to ride but nothing could have woken me up except for one thing. My nephew walked in and I woke up immediatly, but it was still hard to drag myself out of hell. And then visiting the family later in the night. I wanted to go riding but I didn’t have a chance, I will at a later point this week.

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  1. today i slept in as well … the first day this week i wake up at seven’ish rather than 4:30am -_-
    it felt so GOOD, i feel like a semi-new person hehehe

  2. Laialy: yeah it helps a lot! Getting some more sleep! hehehehe!

  3. F..

    the best way to wake up is to have a nephew or neice wake u up..! its the best hehe

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