Top 50 Restaurants in the World


This is an interesting list, and from this list I have been to three restaurants: Hakkassan, Nobu, and Gordon Ramzy. Surprisingly they are all in the UK, since I love the restaurants in London. I would want to try out some of these restaurants when I get a chance.

1. El Bulli Spain
2. The Fat Duck U.K.
3. Pierre Gagnaire France
4. The French Laundry U.S.
5. Tetsuya’s Australia
6. Bras France
7. Mugaritz Spain
8. Le Louis XV Monaco
9. Per Se U.S.
10. Arzak Spain
11. El Celler de Can Roca Spain
12. Gambero Rosso Italy
13. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon France
14. Hof van Cleve Belgium
15. Noma Denmark
16. Le Calandre Italy
17. Nobu London U.K.
18. Jean Georges U.S.
19. Hakkasan U.K.
20. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee France
21. L’Astrance France
22. Can Fabes Spain
23. L’Ambroisie France
24. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay U.K.
25. Troisgros France
26. Le Bernardin U.S.
27. Martin Berasategui Spain
28. Le Gavroche U.K.
29. Le Cinq France
30. Charlie Trotter’s U.S.
31. Dal Pescatore Italy
32. Daniel U.S.
33. Rockpool Australia
34. St. John U.K.
35. Chez Dominique Finland
36. Alinea U.S.
37. Bukhara India
38. DOM Brazil
39. Oaxen Skaergaardskrog Sweden
40. Chez Panisse U.S.
41. Enoteca Pinchiorri Italy
42. Cracco Peck Italy
43. L’Arpege France
44. The River Cafe U.K.
45. Oud Sluis The Netherlands
46. Combal Zero Italy
47. Le Quartier Francais South Africa
48. Taillevent France
49. Bocuse France
50. Les Ambassadeurs France

Lifetime Achievement Alice Waters
Breakthrough Award Maze, London
Readers’ Choice Pied a Terre, London


Link: Bloomberg

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  1. Carlsb3rg

    Whaaa??! No Moghl Mahal or Kabab al-Hejja?

  2. Carlsb3rg: loooool! They just don’t know!

  3. oracle

    Bader al bodoor !

  4. Sin

    theres something wrong with the list…theres no kurdo;p

  5. Man, it’s gonna take me years (and a big pile of money) just to visit those places. I better go to UK and check them out…and also France. I dunno if I should be surprised but there isn’t a one single middle-eastern restaurants on the list…not even UAE considering it has one of the most prestigious restaurants in the region.

  6. trust me, i am not traveling any where just for food :p

  7. oulalaa

    i recommend The River Cafe’ … quite far but worth it … try to get a table on the patio overlooking the Thames.

    aaahh … i soooo want to be in London right now! :(

  8. vampire: looool! 3aad yoo3an!

    oracle: looool!

    Sin: Whats Kurdo?

    Angelo: I think they didn’t cover all the regions since they don’t know about all the places!

    Laialy: loooooool!

    oulalaa: oohhh that would be nice! I will check it out for sure!!

  9. 35. Chez Dominique Finland!! :D
    I have friends that said too expensive too small portions!
    When I go out to eat, I want to EAT!!! ;)

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