The Mango Feast


I was tired last night and I didn’t feel like eating too much but I was hungry at the same time. I was in a delimma, but then I passed by the table with fruits and I eyed the mango. I snuck to the table, grabbed a few mangos and scurried back to my room. Then the messiest feast in the world began, it started very organized and well done but as things begun all hell broke lose. Stains everywhere and I felt so damn good, I smiling the whole time I was eating the mangos and I could feel my face was smeared with mango, but I was a happy. I love it when mangos taste this damn good!




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    they look juicy
    and sweet
    but that is not the way to eat a mango properly the Kuwaiti way lol
    You have to massage it, squeeze it first very tenderly
    open a small hole at the tip (that dark spot up there)
    and then suck out all the juice
    when you are done with that, tear it open and eat the flesh..and suck the pit clean
    that’s the way

  2. lol man im sitting in IT in college with the teacher screaming his ass off at everyone and im here smiling at myself reading your post.. thankyou for making my day! cheers mango lover!

  3. LOL thats a funny way,
    or theres the easy way you cut it to half and eat it like an ice cream cup with a spoon will spare you all the mess.

    But then again its all about the mess

  4. Jewaira you have a boring way of eating a mango. 3ala goltich if you ‘massage’ the mango then there’s nothing to CHEW on a9lan- you ruined the texture- 9ar 3a9eer manga with few pieces. I, on the other hand, prepare by wearing shorts and an old t-shirt, either cut them in squares & push them out like zouq here or what’s better is to take out the skin completely until the flesh is all out like a ball and DIG IN!!!! Then lick the whole thing out, chew the skin, and enjoy the mess! That’s what eating a messy fruit is all about!

  5. i love mangoo
    of course the fruit not the frenchise


  6. oh they loo so GOOD

    3alaik bel 3afya inshallah

  7. :'( i miss mangos
    its like NEVER the season here!
    the gods must be angry.

  8. I tried almost all kinds of mangoes here in Kuwait and they taste nothing compared to the mangoes in Philippines! Hmmmm…I miss it!

  9. allaaah .. mangooo :(

    im going ba3ad shway to the jam3eyah and im buying mangooo

  10. BigB

    i have a big smile on my face :) i love mangoes, bil3afia ….

  11. i went to bed with an empty stomach last night
    daaaaaaaaamn those man’gos look yummy
    3laikbil 3afyaa and try not to get on your keyboard :p

  12. i smiled reading ur post,, esp the “smeared with mango” part,, this is how mango suppose to be eaten


    why wasnt your nephew there?! you and the kid drenched in killer sticky mango juice would’ve been a hilarious sight

  14. jewaira

    lol you can tell it’s mango season!

    Missy boring ha? Nothing boring out of sucking a mango to pieces I tell you. You should try it. It is a waste of time to get dressed to eat a mango and cut it into neat pieces.

    A mango must be ravaged. :P

  15. or you could seed the mango, peel the skin, cut it in 2 halfs, stab it with a stick and pop it in the freezer… best mango popsicle ever

  16. Can you find out if a mango is sweet or sour from it’s smell only? :P

    That’s my I forgot the phrase, but my way of eating is, picking up a mango, taking a sniff of it and finding out if it’s worth splitting open or not. And usually if I pass by a plate filled with mangoes at least 3 are going to be in my plate. And yes I agree with the mess it always happens! I love mangoes!

    My ultimate favorite is Mangoes and Strawberries, okay and Bananas too!

  17. bil 3afya..why didnt u take pics of urself…:P

  18. i do the same as juju, i smell it first, it’s a great give-away..

    and ur way of eating is too neat lol but maybe it’s because ur in front of the computer, then that’s okay..

    i eat it messy lol maybe too messy for my age, bs it’s always fun :p

  19. jewaira: I did that process last week, but I like this process because then I can get more food all together one go without any issues. I loved all the taste! I was basking in mango! loool!

    MaXIE: No problem! Im happy this mango lover could entertain you!

    BLue dress: you got it right! Its all about the mess and that satisfaction!!

    Missy: loooool! Battle of the Mangos!

    trixter: loool! Its damn good!

    eshdaw3a: alah e3afeech! they were good!

    nQ: Try to find them else where! they are damn good!

    rieaane: hhmmm this is Indian Mango and it tastes better then any mango you can find in the world! period!

    Financy: best thing you did today!! You will love em!

    Big B: alah e3afeek! Its great!

    Laialy: alah e3afeech and I got some on the keyboard!

    extinct dodo: looool! It was past his bed time or else the house would be a total mess!

    jewaira: Are you talking about mangos??!!?!? looooooool!

    extinct dodo: hmmmm mango popsicle, I think its impossible for me to peel it and leave it without eating it!

    Jacqui: yeah you can tell from the smell! Makes a difference! Mangooo sooo good! I just smell it too, to see if its good!

    MAZE: alah e3afeek! It got messy, no before and afters! hehehehe

  20. Ooooooooh I Love mangoes! And you can’t enjoy a mango unless you have it all over your hands, face, and hair.. I have long hair.. so it gets into everything ;p

    Bel3afyaaaah.. hmmm.. gonna go get me some :D

  21. F..

    theyyy loook yummmyy!! bil3aaaafyyaaa

  22. mmm.. my favorite fruit in the world!!

    you know where to hit to make it hurt, dont you?! bacher yayatkum el kuwait.. prepare some for me to take :D

  23. EniGma: alah e3afeech! looool! it does get into everything! Then its clean up time!

    F: alah e3afeek! Yeah it is very good!

    Laialy: looooool!

    MSB: anytime! Just let me know! hehehe! I will have some ready!

  24. jade

    Would like to know of any games/competitions that we could have with Mangoes.

  25. Yummmmmy

    I haven’t seen any delicious mangoes in the market yet…

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