Flipper Screen / Shelving


This is one interesting piece of furniture, it is meant to be a screen but because of the design it can also be used as shelves. Overall I think its a great concept and very nicely dont but a little too expensive, it goes for $1800.


Link: UnCrate

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  1. lfc-q8

    very nice :) hmmm maby ill ask the najar to try to build me one :) it will be much cheaper :)

  2. yeah i saw that
    bss i am wondering how stable are the round cut outs at that position? i mean could u set something on it

  3. shelves that flip…
    dnt sound too stable to me

  4. jewaira

    i love it
    i think it would look good in the right kind of room and it is useful

  5. lfc-q8: The flipping mechanism could be the tricky part!

    Cr8via: yup!

    Laialy: I think you can set a few things on it, I bet there is a locking mechanism or something!

    eshda3wa: looool!

    Nora-Cassandra: looooooooooooool!

    jewaira: yeah, it has to have the right setting for it!

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