Travel Prep


I’m the type of person that really like sleeping on planes. So I was up packing my bag at 2:00am, I decided what I needed and what I wanted and put it all into my bag. I slept at 4:00am got up at 6:00am and my flight is at 8:15. So I’m just going to shower and head out, its Thursday so their isn’t much traffic. I made sure before I went to sleep to check my list to make sure I had everything with me. The funny part was at night I went through all the international change I had and it turned out I had about 28 Pounds and 20 Pence worth of change, and thats going to be very useful so I put it all in one compartment in my briefcase.

  • Passport
  • Ticket
  • Charged Laptop
  • Charged Camera
  • Charged MP3 Player
  • Hotel Booking
  • Cash British Pounds
  • 28.20 Pounds worth of coins
  • 2 Phone Chargers
  • Laptop Charger
  • Magazines
  • Book
  • Credit Cards
  • Paperwork
  • Cloths
  • Shoes
  • Bathroom things
  • A Cap

I know there are a list of things people want me to pick-up so thats going to get longer by the day. I can’t wait to sleep on the plane!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. looooooooool
    it just took me 5 minutes to figure out what “A Cap” was
    OMG i am desperate need of a vacation
    Allah weyaaak :)

  2. jewaira

    looks like you’re all set…

  3. Tro7 wetred Bil Salama enshallah :)

  4. I don’t like being on planes .. I don’t get to sleep on planes often, and I really hate long flights.

    Once again, troo7 w tirja3 bilsalama brother

  5. bon voyage and hope you have a nice nap on the flight

  6. Laialy: looool! You know hat!! hehehe! Thats what I meant! What did you think! hehehe! You need a vacation too, inshalla just before starting your internship!

    vampire: yeah, I get those first!

    jewaira: almost! hehehe

    Yara: alah esalmich!

    Amjad: alah esalmik! I sleep like a log on the plane!

    Mathew: Thanks!!

  7. for some reason “A Cap” was not being associated with anything in my brain but i eventually got it. i get home on the 16 and report to the internship on on the 19 :/

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