TriStar Pickup


I’m going out of town for a bit so I contacted TriStar to see if they can sort out my stalling issue as well as install the clutch slave cylinder, and the two carbon fiber heat shields. I’m happy they manage to make sometime since I called them late in the week and I know they are getting packed since it is the end of riding season for most riders, I don’t think I will be stopping right at this moment. At least they can work on Pyro while I’m out of town which is great. I also really like that they have these vans specialized to hold bikes so that I’m comfortable knowing that it is tied down inside the vehicle. This van seems to be only a couple of months old, I’m just waiting for the Tristar branding to be across the whole thing.









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  1. jewaira

    Pyro is going to the Bike Spa…

  2. LooL @ Jewaira’s comment
    i would say more like Bike Plastic Surgery :p

  3. jewaira: looool! yup for the weekend!

    Laialy: hehehe! loooool! Plastic Surgery laish!!! hehehe

  4. They really seem to have the best service! I’m sure Pyro will be well taken care of!
    Ps; Nice pics!! :)

  5. Nora: yeah they are pretty good!

    trixter: a little bit! hehe

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