Review: Smokin Aces



This is an action packed movie with a huge cast following one plot to Kill Buddy Israel. Israel is turning over for the FBI to get away without a scratch, and there are so many people after him. The FBI is always a step behind trying to piece things together. This is one large ensamble who combined together to make for one great movie. There are so many turns you aren’t expecting, and the action just keeps going. The action helps pull the story together, and you just can’t get enough of it. If you liked Ocean’s Eleven or any type of Action movie then you will love this movie.


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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @@ *GASP* Ryaaaan Reynolds with a mustache and a beard!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh Jesus Mary mother of Josephine have mercy on me!!!!
    I swear this guy defines the acme of ‘GOOD LOOKS’ in my book!! 3awaaar gaaaaaaaaaalb!!!!!!

  2. Inshalla i will try to give this one a watch because i am a huge fan of oceans 11

  3. there was just a little too much killing in this one ! i wasn’t too impressed. while i liked the bit of comedy they threw in there and the plot twists, the experience as a whole wasn’t a pleasant one for me.

  4. Missy: looool! ahahahha! Yeah he is good looking! Then you will love him in this movie!

    Laialy: you will like it for sure then!

    Nora: its worth it!

    MSB: looool! I liked the killing, it was different then usual! And the comedy is what made things interesting!

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