Buffalo’s WLI-U2-(S)G54HG USB adapters


It seems that Buffalo is coming out with their USB Wifi Antennas this month. At first I thought they were only coming out with one USB Antenna for the PC. The usual wireless-g card can get about 150ft for a PC or Laptop but these antennas extend that distance to 1600 feet (500 m), there are two kinds of antennas they are releasing this May. One is a directional antenna with a strength indicator so you can figure out where the strongest signal is coming from and you can point it in that direction, and then there is the omni-directional one which sticks to the back of your laptop LCD. The omni-directional antenna is the one I am looking forward to trying, and I want to see what are the real results of using these antennas, 1600 feet does sound great, but I want to see what it is does in a building with multiple floors.

Link: Engadget

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  1. *recalls her data com. class*
    i wander if it affect other equipment that work at that frequency

  2. zoomzoom

    what those numbers mean in wireless in term of sending/receiving?

    i mean does 500m mean it can send the signal from your lap to 500m or can receive signal in the 500m field or both?

  3. Laialy: looool!

    zoomzoom: Basically it means that it can send and recieve the signal from that distance but I’m assuming it has to be clear air so assume its less then that, but 250 meters is still better then 16 meters away!

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