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I’m meeting with people in the morning, afternoon, and night just to finish up all the work that there is. Its funny these meetings go from one time to another, and it just keeps stretching and we are even working on their weekend to finish things up in a timely manner. But I do get some free time in the afternoon and late at night to go to some movies or grab a bite to eat. Its different sessions some take a while and some are short, so it isn’t too bad. The one thing I do notice for sure is how expensive it is just to live in London, I asked some of them how do you live here and survive because the cabs are expensive and getting around isn’t cheap either. I have taken the underground a few times already and I got lost twice but I managed to find my way back, it isn’t difficult its just a matter of getting familiar with things!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    doesn’t matter how expensive it is just enjoy the weather; we are slowlyt roasting in 40C heat :P

  2. it is very expensive!

    i really enjoy riding the underground

    am i weird?

    its one of my fav things to do

  3. i sent you a message on a ducati forum..
    the thing is i study in london..
    if u’re staying for another week in london,we could go out to have a drink..
    e-mail me man..
    c ya..

  4. Hi …
    what is that building in the pic? looks interesting… khalid

  5. hey
    thats cool
    what did u buy from the motorcycle store
    just curious

  6. underground! i love it,, easiest way of transportation,,

  7. jewaira: yeah the weather is nice, and I know its getting damn hot in Kuwait!!

    Laialy: Thanks, slowly finishing them up!!

    eshda3wa: I do enjoy going on the bike as well!

    adrian: Thanks man, I didn’t see! I just shot you an email!

    Khalid: No clue!! Sorry I wish I could help you, but I don’t think its even in the UK!

    trixter: I was looking at the gear they have, and they do have ALOT of gear!

    vampire: its good but also messy if you don’t know where you are going!

  8. yup its expensive when you compare it to other places..
    when i first went to live there i kept comparing it to KD so i could understand how much things were bss b3dain i just got used to it..
    just like in kuwait you instantly know how much a drink or a meal is gonna cost, i know how much things cost there..

    you said it, just a matter of getting used to

  9. Hey Marzouq, the building in the photo, is that the place you work @?

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