About To Go


I’m at Heathrow airport waiting in the lounger for my flight to start boarding! I finished up my last minute shopping in London. There is always some last minute shopping to be done even if you think you are done. I just picked up some more books, magazines, dvds, and cds. I think I got a good amount, and I packed up pretty quickly since it was very simple but I had to pick up another bag since the one I brought wouldn’t be enough.

I left the hotel at 5:30pm and got to the airport by 6:12pm and I checked in. My flight is at 10:30pm and I like hanging out in the lounge and walking around in Heathrow terminal since there is a lot of places to check out. I ate at the seafood bar as usual and I picked a usb stick from Dixons that I was looking for and since it was right there I decided to pick it up. I’m looking forward to sleeping on the plane since work wants me to come in right as I land, but I think I will shower up, change, and then go to work. There is usually stuff piling up even when you answer all the emails. Then there are things to take care of as soon as I am there!

I’m just enjoying the lounge right now, and waiting for the plane to start boarding before going to gate.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. u forgot to mention that I was entertaining you on the phone all night long hahahaha

    ud be bored without me :P

  2. Hasan.B

    That seafood bar is the best!! terminal 4 is just great, but i can not wait for terminal 5! should be even better! Safe journy.

  3. hope u had a safe trip, i am sure not looking forward to my long journey home

  4. jewaira

    Welcome home :)

  5. ananyah: yes you were entertaining! don’t worry about it! hehehe!

    Hasan.B: It has been a long time with Terminal 5, we shall see if it can be better then Terminal 4! I really do like Terminal 4!

    eshda3wa: alah esalmich! what can I say! Work comes up!

    Laialy: Thanks! Just sleep the whole way back if you can!

    jewaira: thanks!!

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