Harrods Pizzeria


Everytime I go to London I have to go get something to eat at the Harrods Pizzeria. The seating is only stools and usually there is always a line, and it isn’t too bad just a 5-10 minute wait. They have some nice salads and pizzas, and damn good Lasagna! There was something different then usual this time, when I got there I could hear some singing, and what I saw was the pizza chef was singing Italian songs with a crowd watching him. When he ended you could hear the appluase from the other halls. While was seated he did an amazing job singing it was fantastic, my friend couldn’t talk on the phone much because his voice was so loud. He attracted a crowd thats for sure. And the food was great as usual, and nothing tops a nice cold coke with this good meal.








A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. thats some chunky cheese in your salad
    eat up lad
    cheers :p

  2. Laialy: loooool! It was some good cheese! Thats for sure!

  3. Zahed

    damn am having that for lunch today

  4. Loca in Kuwait

    The salad looks soo yummy! Did the Lasagna have the stringy cheese going on, I like when the cheese is all gooey. I hope you have fun, take care

  5. Purgatory72


  6. A Rummmba!!! Cute cuddly Garfield has found his nesting place in the midst of warm pasta, dancing cheese & cushion meat balls against the cold chilly weather carressed by notes of an Italian vocalist!

    Poor me … :'[

  7. jewaira

    yes! WHY?! You are tormenting us!
    We demand compensation for our damaged nerves and starving taste buds! :P

  8. oh man the lasagna looks phenomenal!!!!!! its towards the end of work and im nearing starvation mode! im totally hatin u for writing this post :P

  9. YUUUUM!!!

    Nothing tops a “Harrods-ian” brick-oven pizza.. Followed by a major shopping spree… sigh.

  10. My friend used to work in Harrods!! She did tell me so cool stuff about it, but the coolest is that it’s so big that even after 1 year working there she would get lost in it!! I will try that pizzeria when I visit London!! :D

  11. Letmego

    Damn! y didn’t u jump the line,like a true Kuwaiti…lol! just kidding ;)Have fun man and take care…!

  12. LAISH LAISH !!!

    laish lazim et7erny !! i used to eat there like 3 times a week when i lived there..

    soo yummy and the chef is soo cute ! he used to sing from time to time and it was so nice, ma chena your in london..

    il.mohem 3laik bil 3afya, i hope you had a good time !

  13. thats not lasagna haaha

    its rose-otto ahahaahaha

    the salad looks yummmy

  14. Zahed: looool!

    Loca: it was a little goey! hehehe! Thanks!

    Purg: loooool! I had to! just for you!

    Missy: hehehe! Yes I found my Lasanga! looool!

    jewaira: looool! it seems everyone wants compensation! hehehe

    Confashion: looool! Shopping wasn’t much on my list! hehehe!

    Nora: You would enjoy the Pizzeria for sure!!

    Letmego: People would kill for food, so I wont jump the line! hehehe

    Amo0ora: alah e3afeech! It was good for sure! Yeah London is nice to live in even though its expensive!

    ananyah: That wasn’t resotto you idiot! This was Lasagna, resotto was the second time!

    Pearls: yup!

  15. figen uyar

    Iam very suprised ,I always trusted to eat pizza in harrods pizzeria,yesterday when I was eating pizza ,Isow mice runinig arround wich make me sick ,i dont know what step do I have to go ,I hope someone explain this .

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