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I have to say that I am not a Nicholas Cage fan, but I was intrigued by the idea of this movie. That a person who can see two minutes ahead and determine whats going to happen to him so he can take action. This is an action paced movie but with an interesting twist. Cage is being chased by the FBI to help them with a search for Nuclear weapon, and he is also being chased by the people who are trying to kill him, but he always seem to barely stay alive. What throws things off is the inclusion of Jessica Biel and it she does play an interesting role in the whole movie. The action was good, and the storyline was pretty good. Overall it was a fun movie to watch, you would want to see it but not own it on DVD.

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  1. the plot of this movies is just not attracting me at all

  2. I’m a big fan of Nicholas Cage!! I’m looking forward for this one!! :D

  3. Laialy: yeah, you have to like the plot and then go!

    Nora: really? I kinda felt he went really bad from snake eyes and 8mm! Those were horrible so I wasn’t expecting much from this but it turned out to be good!

  4. He did have some bad movies, but there is something in his acting that makes me just keep watching him! Almost everyone I know don’t like him that much! I think he’s just my type!

  5. marzouq…. have been on ?

  6. Nora: looool! Just your type! I’m not sure how that is really! hehehe

    rayboy: thanks for pointing it out, I didn’t see it before but I think it belongs to a friend. I will check with him in the morning!

  7. yes .. thats right marzouq :-) .. i hope i didnt spoil the surprise…!

  8. rayboy: no problem! I like the pics I hope he puts more up! He needs to talk a bit on the site though! Very nice name!

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