Friday Ride


I met up with vampire on Friday morning to go riding around 9 am, I was lucky he called so that I would wake up. Then we went from Qurtoba and rode from Bida’a all the way to Shuweikh on the gulf road, from there we went back and stopped at Marina for a quick drink! It was getting hot, and I changed my gear for the summer heat. I was wearing my Arai helmet and a Rev’It Air Jacket which was a great combination, I can’t wear my Scorpion Matt Black helmet any more because of the heat, but my Arai Haga RX-7 Corsair is a lot better and doesn’t feel as hot since it isn’t black. It was a nice day of riding, and vampire is quick learner so its only a matter of breaking in the bike and then we head out to a few other places! We didn’t see any biker on the road except for one biker who parked next to us at Marina.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. that yellow bike looks yummy :p~
    and i think it has a seat with my name all over it :p

  2. yellow is shit. red is blood. I love red coz I love blood….I want blood coz I am anaemic.

  3. Cerebral Assassin vampires bike a yamaha srx 4 or a 6?

  4. Jafar

    I am guesing that Vampire’s bike is the Ducati 695 Black with Red Frame since it is shown with Pyro before they were joined by a third bike (Yellow !)

  5. it was hot but i really enjoyed the ride,, my bike is the new monster 695,, i’m new to riding and bikes,, been dreaming about it for years,, finally my dream came true (^_^) “

    can’t wait for our next ride enshala

  6. You could stop again at TriStar and check the air flow helmet for summer

  7. I hope I can join you guys soon, although I’m thinking of getting a Jap bike.

  8. Mathew: a Jap or Korean,, u get one and start the addiction

  9. Laialy: yup it did look yummy thats for sure! loooool!

    Cyber: Red is good, but not the anaemic part! hehehe

    Cerebral Assassin: nope its a Ducati 695 monster!

    Jafar: Right on the dot!

    vampire: We will be riding soon buddy! Lots of time to ride! Morning and night! The heat just makes it for a good work out!

    Trixter: I’m happy with what I have!

    Mathew: No problem! Just let me know when you get the bike!

    Nora: hopefully soon!!! Thanks!

    vampire: Jap!

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