Felt MP Cruiser


This is one funky bike with an interesting design to it, the MP stands for Military police and it has a thick frame tubing. It has stainless steel spokes with fat balloon tires, and racks in the front and back. It really reminds me of MASH 4077th for some reason and I can picture Radar going around the camp with it delivering messages.

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Aham shay the little star, i guess they tried to give it a feminine touch and miserably failed

  2. Zahed

    tara it looks like a german bike from hitlers days

  3. Laialy: that little star represents the US army!!!! hehehe!

    Zahed: loooool! Its got the 1950s retro look to it!!

  4. chugz

    I think there awesome looking and felt has many more cool designs with the same frame . i have one ordered but cannot find out what this beast weighs , also to the first post with him seeing radar riding it,picture clinger on the back holding his scarf and his dress blowing in the wind , heehee

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