Field Guide to the North American Bikini


The title speaks for itself, but this is one very informative read! If you ever wanted to know about the different kinds of swimware then this would be the best time to get an idea, this is for education purposes only. The link has all the details and pictures for illustration purposes.

Link: TheBachelorGuy

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  1. 1. no comment
    2. this is obviously a guy post :p
    3. funny how my friends and i where looking at swim wear today @@

  2. The Banded Thong and The Classic Polka Dot bikini’s are my favorites,,

    it is educationally indeed :drools: :P~ ““““`

    The Bandeau Top also,, wow,, what a great morning (^___^) “`

  3. Bo Saleh

    It’s good when you’re working in Islamic firm and you’re watching this while working, especially when the boss pass by you and ask what are you working on and you answer him educating my self in “Islamic Structuring”

    Hahaha … He was Soo pleased

  4. Laialy: yup totally guy post!! hehehe! I hope you guys found what you were looking for!

    Vampire: The banded thong is cool, I like halter top! loooool! what a start to a morning! hehehe

    Bo Saleh: hahahahah! 7ilwa!

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