Again With The Cake

So this time when I saw the Cake I decided to make some space for it since last time I didn’t have my take of the cake and it just disappeared when I felt like having a bite from it. This friday they brought it with them and I have found out some information and I hope its useful to some people, you guys will still have to search for it.

The cake is from Sugar and Spice in Shuweikh, I think the residential area not the industrial.

The cake tasted amazing, and the filling was perfect, I just want to keep eating it with that tasty chocolate taste and filling! The thing is I don’t have a sweet tooth but damn this cake is too damn good! Who cares about presentation, I just want to jump head-in into this cake!











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  1. I know that place, it’s cool. Try their coffee sweets.

  2. i’m buying one for the house next Friday enshala

  3. wow this looks better than the last one !
    i’m going this weekend too ! :D

  4. zabo0o6a

    pearls : can i have the location please??

  5. pearls: No clue where it is, I’m just happy about the cake!

    vampire: inshalla!!

    Mathew: yeah it was damn good, and jus right!

    zabo0o6a: Shuweikh, somewhere there!!!! looool!!!

  6. LOL…seeing you raving about this cake, I will make sure to taste it when I come to Kuwait this Xmas break.

  7. i serisously hate you right now..
    im hungry and seeing all these pics just makes me even more hungry !!

    im gonna look for this place, inshalla this weekend..

  8. wallah from how close those pictures were i almost took a bite off my Macbook @@

  9. Angelo: looool! yeah its pretty damn good!!! You should try it!

    Amo0ora: looooool! Sorry I had to tell people about it!

    Laialy: loooooooooooooooool! I love taking close up pics!!

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