Lexus LF-A


This is the concept vehicle from Lexus which is supposed to have 500 plus horsepower and the latest technology possible. I think its a beautiful machine and I hope they include into their new line-up of vehicles. Cross drilled brakes, 8-speed gear with paddle shifting, mid-mounted engine for perfected weight distribution. There is no price tag to this machine, but I wish they had one, it would probably be better then any vehicle currently out there.



Link: UnCrate

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  1. Sin

    With this Lexus will probably enter the supercar market. I feel people would prefer this over other makes, because of its japanese reliability and european tech standards.

  2. I showed it to my husband and I asked him to buy it for me! He said maybe not!! :(

  3. Sin: very true, once they get this vehicle out a lot of people are going to want to get their hands on it!

    Nora: looool!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: your kidding me!! I thought it was a fake or a joke at first. That vehicle is computer generated, Lexus made this machine!!! It looks insane!! I still think the Lexus is better!

  4. daaaaaaaaamn that’s hot
    reminds me of a Ferrari

  5. DiiGMaa: yup!

    Laialy: yeah, I really want to see what they do with it!

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