My Mock Office Area



I have to say that its difficult finding the right desk and setup for your PC as well as day to day tasks. I have had this desk for over 10 years now, and I really do love it, it does the job for the space I have. I wish I had dedicated office/media area in the house for myself but I only have my room to tweak to my liking. So I was messing around my desk area since I just installed Vista and I changed the screen orientation to enjoy the length of the screen with all the different windows. I have to say that surfing with your screen in a vertical position makes it really easy to read a lot of things without having to scroll, and you can hide the windows gadgets bar to see more of the window. It has a different feel to it, and I’m doing this on a DELL 20.1 WFP screen from 3.5 years ago now, I wish I could get the same model screen and have two of them side by side, but then I don’t think it would fit on the table.













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  1. brilliant,, a thumb up for the vertical screen orientation

  2. Sin

    Thats one neat setup you got there!! the awesom-o 4000 kicks ass, bet it cleans up ur desk for you!!;p

  3. wow…nice workspace you have, allot of small details, very neat and well organized.

  4. zoomzoom

    what’s the resolution for the vertical screen?

  5. two side by side vertical screens would be fucking cool. actually, any two side by side setup is cool, always wanted one.

  6. Shot

    what a cool babes :P

  7. Hasan.B

    Very cool office!! i am actually thinking of copying your vertical screen if you do not mind:P

  8. Hasan.B

    Oh yeah, the chair looks very comfortable!

  9. Waleed

    Nice setup. I have the Dell 24 inch LCD I might try the vertical setup. What you are using to hold the Laptop? and from where you got it?

  10. vampire: Thanks!

    Sin: yes AWSEMO 4000 kicks major butt!!! He also vaporizes intruders!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks, still got a few things to work out, I wish a cable management for all those things!

    zoomzoom: 1200×1600

    Mark: That would be damn cool, I’m thinking about it after putting up the screen that way!! I’m contemplating it at this point! Two 20.1 inch screens! Since they are reasonably cheap compared to before!

    Mathew: thanks!

    shot: thanks!

    G-Funk: From The One in Marina two years ago now

    Hasan.B: Thanks! Go ahead its really nice when surfing! The chair is nice especially when I put my feet up!

  11. Now that’s a nice office. I like how everything isn’t outta reach and I might say the vertical screen is amazing really. However, the thing that makes me deliriously happy is that your laptop screen shows my blog :D

  12. Asooma

    that’s really neat and amazing.
    two thumbs up

  13. Angelo: Yup I can reach anything from one point, and I like staying where I am! U r correct, I surf your blog a lot! You need to post more anime stuff as well! hehehe

    Asooma: thanks, its just a matter of being comfortable!

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