Sarah Silverman in Maxim


This is the first time i even see Sarah Silverman in a way which isn’t comedic, well a little comedic. She does come across as hot in a strange way but thinking of Jimmy Kemmel being her husband makes my skin crawl. Well Maxim does a good job with their spreads, and she is funny even in her poses.



Link: Yeeeah

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  1. Hahahaha she’s hilarious :D

    i like her and i think her show is a must see!

  2. cisxousianpanic: yeah she is hilarious!

    EXzombie: you either love her or hate her!!! hehehe

    Laialy: yup!! You can tell! Confident is an understatement!

  3. she needs to stick with the comedy. shes got all the glamour and sex appeal of a truckdriver

  4. offmyhead: hahahaha! That made me laugh!! So much hate!!

  5. she is obviously hot she may not be the typical slutty blond paris type of girl but she has a cool personality and that makes her really hot…those pictures are really kinky

  6. I would fuck the hell out of her.

  7. CA-Rooster

    hell yeah!!, she’s sooooo f**king HOT!!!!

  8. Donny

    Her belly button is off center. She needs to tweeze those eyebrows and fill out that thin upper lip. Then, I’d knock the bottom out of it.

  9. Steve

    She cute, in that “I’d like to fuck her, but I’d need to choke her while I do it.”

    Considering that she recently admitted that she loves unprotected sex, she prefers anal sex to vaginal sex, and on top of that, she doesn’t want her partner to pull out, she goes right up near the top of the list.

  10. Yeah, she’s hot. I’d fuck her too!

    … or not. I just don’t like being left out :D

  11. alesbian

    She’s sexy because she doesn’t try to be sexy. She’s hallarious and that just makes her all the more bangable.
    Gimme a strap-on and i’d do her better than all you fucks.

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