Review: The Contract


Morgan Freeman plays the role of contract killer, and John Cusack is father trying to protect his son. Due to unforseen circumstances Freeman runs into Cusack while he is in custody of the local law enforcement. Freeman is trying to get his kill and Cusack has him under custody while Freeman’s men are chasing them. I was looking forward to the movie since I really like Morgan Freeman, but I really disappointed by the movie. It wasn’t anything special and at times it was boring, the story line was a little unrealistic, I expected more from Morgan Freeman.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. good to know …
    i am not a huge fan of Morgan Freeman he always plays the same character :/

  2. dia

    now that i Think is going to Be an intersting Movie .. John Who i call Johnny is My favourite .. he isn’t the Best out there and he doesn’t make the best movies But I love to see him on screen .. because it’s like he isn’t acting ..he is just being John .. and About Morgan .. I make sure to take my father to every Morgans movie .. My dad is like the super fan .. he loves him since he was younger ..So ..

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