Thursday Night


After the nice ride I decided to head over to my cousin’s place to watch some Jericho. I keep hearing that its a great show and I had about 22 episodes of it, except for episode 7, I can’t seem to find episode 7! So I burned 5 episodes onto DVD and I headed over to my cousin’s house a little later then usual. I went straigt to the basement and got everything ready, my cousin wasn’t in his usual place.

He came down after a little bit and we started watching, and of course had our usual Orange Sherbert as we were watching. Later in the evening my other cousin decided to join us for dinner and he started watching Jericho with us. I was happy he was adhering to the rules of no talking, and it didn’t help that I was being a little … physical.. with whoever was distrupting the show, zero tolerance. I got them both hooked on Jericho, its a great show and they should have another season, it has a bit of Lost in it where you aren’t sure of everyone there and your trying to piece everything together but its much better in my opinion.

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  1. Biohazard

    I saw it the other day on Showtime’s EPG, I didn’t put it on. Name didn’t look too appealing, y’know?

  2. Laialy: Its damn good!!!

    Biohazard: yeah, but its really really really good! You should watch it!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Its got a great plot to it and it just doesn’t stop!!

  3. After watching heroes.. I trust thoq Marzouq, so im going to see Jericho :)

  4. ElMoz

    I will watch it if they don’t stop the series

  5. E7em OK I think Jaricho is a good show and I watch it occasionally but to put it on par with LOST is simply unacceptable (sorry Marzouq). I mean think about it…if it weren’t for LOST, Jaricho wouldn’t have existed because I believe it got its inspiration from it. Anyway, if you liked Jaricho then check out another series called “Invasion.” It was a good show even it was a one season long.

  6. Biohazard

    Heroes is by far the best show I’ve seen.

    Angelo, just because Jericho was inspired by the Lost plot kind of thing doesn’t mean Jericho can’t be better.

  7. Jericho kicks major bootay but unfortunately it has taken off next season’s roster. This has made me hesitate to continue DLing the show (I watch as I go and DLed up to ep 17) bcz I am worried that I’ll be even more invlolved, and that would be fine if I knew whether or not the storyline get resolved in the end. I actually found it a bit different that Lost for reasons like character connections and small town politics as well as the whole the world as we know it has end it feel of the whole thing, which is both more and less hopeful than Lost. Plus their tendency *not* to constantly and annoyingly kill characters mid storyline. I do have ep 7 and I could upload it for u on yousendit or smthing but I have it in mp4 format, for my ipod, which makes for teeny veiwing. Decide and let me know.

  8. Yara: Appreciate it! And you will enjoy this show for sure!

    ElMoz: They will but its worth watching even if you know your going to be frustrated at the end!

    Angelo: loooool! I will check out Invasion for sure, your reaction my comparison is mild compared to my 24 reactions!!

    Biohazard: your 100% Heroes has been the best! But you would probably like Jericho for sure!

    SnoCone: Thanks a lot but we already went over that and kind of figured out what happened! But I’m going to watch the whole thing even though I don’t know what will happen next!! I have to finish it since I started it!

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