Nice Swim

mypool1.jpgAfter a long ride I decided to change into my swimming trunks and jump right into the pool, I saw no reason not even shower, I was hot and I need to cool off quick. I took my laptop with me to the pool.

As soon I got there I put my laptop in the shade, lowered the screen brightness, and then I put some lounge music on at full blast which isn’t too loud really. I have to listen to music when I’m at a pool, it just feels nicer! I jumped right in and it was an amazing feeling. Its like being wrapped up in a cold blanket which is nice, I started swimming laps back and forth, at one point I was just floating in the water listening to the music.


I came to the conclusion that this is completely opposite to riding, when I’m riding everything is going by at 1 million kph and I have to think of everything that could happen, all the possibilities, anticipate people’s mistakes and what could go wrong and counter it automatically and feel engine at the same time while my adrenaline is off the chart, its amazing, but in the pool I’m completely relaxed with my brain floating off to different and just thinking about different things and one thought pulling another. Just an amazing feeling floating and a few times I bumped my head to side because I forgot that I was floating. A very nice day and then I swam 15 laps more after relaxing in the pool. When 45 minutes was up I went straight up and took a shower, and I felt all fuzzy for the rest of the day. I think I will be swimming more often.





A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sexy Legs :P

    Hehehe but seriously, you’ve got your ticket to a leaner body there, with swimming, simple excercise right at the tips of your fingers right?

  2. Loca in Kuwait


    Hmmm so when is the pool party? That pool looks amazing, I hate being stuck at work :\ You forget that swimming is sooo good for you because it’s sooo fun!! I too swam yesterday, I was like the kids whose parents have to drag them out, my eyes were all red and blood shot, hehe but soo fun, ohhh I 2nd Jacqui nice legs :)

  3. Bo Saleh

    Could u explain where the bubbles came from? U seems that u r really relaxing :Pp

  4. So is that your pool house…NICE :)

    Yeah sometimes it’s nice to relax and do nothing. I think riding a motorcycle is method to blow off daily pressure instead of repressing them.

  5. zabo0o6a

    lucky you !! i suffer this stupid phobiaa which sucks i can never feel relaxed in pools :(

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmm i wanna swim ! unfair ;p

    i need to go swimming, its seriously too hot..

  7. Biohazard

    Marzouq, elkil 6ag el9i7ba wyak yaboon el pool.

    Bas in one of the pictures you can see the reflection of the palm trees, that just awesome.

    Let’s have a pool party.

  8. Jackie: I’m bringing Sexy Back! I’m thinking about swimming all the time if possible!

    Vampire: looool! that day hit the spot!

    Loca: looool! You know its always nice to swim in this heat and it was fun!

    Bo Saleh: bubbles came from the water jet next to me!

    Angelo: its just a pool, no house! hehehe! But yeah the bike lets you blow off steam and the swimming relaxes you!

    Zabo0o6a: really, salamaat!

    Amo0ora: loool! Yeah its too hot thats why I went for a swim!

    Biohazard: looool! worked on it for a while to get it like this and its nice for sure!

    K: loooool! Its damn hot!

    Laialy: you can learn and there is a shallow side!

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