Mass Issues!!!


I wanted to be scientific about it, but there is no wording around it! I have put on a rediculous amount of weight and its annoying now! I previously didn’t care since I was just about things like normal, but like before when it affects my riding its when I do something about it.

My Problem:

  • My Portions (I eat for two as some people have mentioned)
  • Rice (Just too much of it)
  • Ice Cream (Just a little!)
  • Not enough excercise at all
  • Soda

My Solution (Crossing my fingers here):

  • Cut out rice
  • No more soda, only water or juice
  • No Junk Food
  • Excercise at least twice a week (swimming or gym)
  • No Ice Cream

My weight is currently 101 Kgs and I want to bring it down. I have nicked named myself the Michelin Man, and I want to get back in shape and lose the weight. My aim is to drop to at least 85 Kgs and aiming for 80 Kgs in the long term. I’m being optimistic and I’m going to push myself to see what I can do.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You mean soft drinks? Not Soda! Soda doesn’t give you calories! It’s in many diets!

    Well you should be strong and start! I lose 3Kg in 2 months now, exercising and watching what I eat!

    101 is a bit too much if it’s fat not muscles!!! You have to do something about it if you want to continue having fun riding!! That is a friend’s advice!

    Ps; I still could eat for two, but I resist! I was 94kg and got to 56kg (6years ago) because I put my head to it! :D

  2. well, I have a similar problem, but in my case is being skinny. I almost eat for two or even more. I like junk food, soda, rice, bread, pasta, pizza and pastries, but I still cant gain more than 75 kg and thats when I’m visiting my Mum in vacations and spring breaks. I’m about 72 kg now, and I’m 178 cm tall. I aim for 80 kg just enough to feel fit and good looking.
    well… can you help me through

  3. Biohazard

    How tall are you Marzouq?

    Did you use a BMI table for your idealistic weight decision?

  4. The problem is you have good cooks.
    My advice is to fire them and get less qualified people. But before you do so have them pass me the curry recipe!

  5. try out atkins diet… does wonders in no time :)

  6. say bye bye to anime and start by walking. I want the recipe too, don’t just give it to Mark lol.

  7. Don’t drink the juice, have the actual fruit instead. x10 better.

  8. whatever

    Losing the calories varies from one person to another. A person must know how fast or slow his metabolism is and what triggers the increase of calories in the body and then structures a method accordingly. Atkins diet is not really good and there’s a reason why he plopped dead suddenly with no reason.

    You eat heavy meals at night from what I gather. Stop those except for light snacks and trust me you’ll see results. I’m perfectly fit and I excercize almost everyday but when I eat a salad and a sandwich at 9 or 8, I wake up the following day bloated. Never eat after 8 except for something very light, your system slows down at period. Cutting out the junk food in moderation is a good idea. Don’t eat fried food, stick to boiled and steamed- filled with nutrients. Drinking juice is actually better than eating them, especially if you’re excercising to compensate for the fluid loss. And when you excercize- just walk… not too fast and not too slow, that’s the best method.

    And soda? Soft Drink or whatever you wanna call it. The last thing you need when you’re overweight is to add gas in your system which inflates your body and causes serious bloating.

  9. Carlsb3rg

    1-JOIN A GYM. No time? find some! And don’t just run like there’s a dog behind you. Do bodybuilding as well, it will replace the fat you have with muscles
    2- Increase Protein sources.Dont eat rice/bread. Survive for a week or two without them, then start eating BROWN rice/bread (not in large quantities).
    3-Dont eat junk food at all. Or make a certain day (ONCE a week) were you can eat anything you want (ONE meal)
    4-Whenever hungry, stuff that stomach with liquids (water, diet soda, certain juices(orange,apple).

    The 1st couple of weeks are the hardes. Sruvive that, and the rest is easy.

    My 2 cents :D

  10. Thats quite a commitment! The best exercise is walking/jogging unless you want to add muscle mass or toning then go for weight training, either way best of luck to you.

  11. mashalla ur 2 of me :D well good luck with ur diet, i’m also on a diet but mine is a fat diet. Hmm,, I think I’ll eat more rice!

  12. no ice cream? HARD
    no soda? HARDER

    Allah kareem … i don’t think being a little chubby on a guy is a bad thing, better than stick thin :)

    Good luck buddy

  13. Well its great that you’ve set yourself a target and identified some ways to reach it. I’m in a pretty similar boat (read bloat) as you and have also decided to cut down on the junk food, soft drinks and the damn rice!!!

    Last week I tried the GM Diet plan for a week and it sort of works. But I’d rather stick to a routine I can carry more easily than these quick fixes.

    I’ve also started hopping on my treadmill for 40 minutes a day and then some light work out for 5-10 minutes right after.

    Good luck to us!

  14. Carlsb3rg


    You should build muscles first, and then jog on the treadmill.

  15. I was there my friend (believe me) and I was able to lose lots of weight (and maintain it) by following some rules of thumbs. Since everybody is sharing, I’ll share some suggestions too:

    • Set yourself realistic goals. Don’t assume you will lose 10 pounds on the first week. In fact if you have done everything right, you will lose 1 or 2 pounds per week. Remember, to lose 1 pounds means to burn 3500 calories.

    • I hate diets so don’t follow them. Eat 6 small (but generally healthy) meals a day. Drink lots of water (probably 2 liters per day) to wash out all the bad sodium from your body. I know this is disgusting but check the color of your urine. If it is clear or pale yellow then you had enough for today. Avid sodas (even diet sodas) and juice boxes (freshly squeezed are fine) and go with flavored water if you want a good taste.

    • Surprisingly dietary supplements like weight loss pills can actually work…ONLY if you combine taking them with eating right and exercising. So go to GNC in either in Marina or Souq Sharq and find the right one for you.

    • Eat grilled chicken and fish and avoid red meat at all cost. After you have lost lots of weight and want to pack some muscles…hit the red meat again. Protein bars and fibers are recommended too. According to your weight, I think 1500 calories per day is enough to lose weight.

    • Exercising twice a week is not enough. You need to do cardio (i.e. swimming, running, cycling) 6 times a week and at least weight lifting 3 times a week. Check out the Six-K Club; they seem a good group to join to.

    • And finally don’t push yourself too hard. Exercising should be fun. Keep yourself motivated by keeping a journal on what you did and how many calories you burned. Are any of your friends are gym fanatics? Team up with them for extra boost of encouragement. And here’s a personal tip: To beat mid-night hunger, a bowl of Kellogg’s Special K works wonder.

    Keep it buddy…you can do it ^_^

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  17. Judy Abbott

    Can i say one thing?

    How about you don’t cut off your rice, instead divide it into three or four small meals? a portion of your fist and increase the greens to the size of your hand and your protein into the size of your palm without counting your fingers?

    four small meals, two fruits and vegetables (fist size) snacks will make you lose 8 Kg’s in two weeks, with few crunches and bench workouts and 10min. of cardio three times a day …

    If you are interested e-mail me..

  18. I know a guy that helps people loose weight professionally. He works with you on it, sets a diet, as in what food groups you should, how much exercise etc…

    Give me a call if you want his number.

  19. Nora: I want to get it down right and I need to excercise but the problem is finding right time to fit everything that I need to do and keep on schedule! Basically need to stop eating for two!

    Muh’d M. Mansour:I think the best thing you should do is eat some meat and carbs and try to build muscle mass!

    Biohazard: 5’10”, no clue what the ideal is but I’m also thick boned!

    Mark: loooool! NO SOUP FOR U!

    BLaSha: it doesn’t work out that well on the long term!

    pearls: NO!!! I refuse, I will keep watching anime but I will also work out!

    mooodi: will do that!

    whatever: I eat heavy meals midday which kill my movement and I eat too damn much! I already have a few things in mind!

    Carlsb3rg: Already with a gym, and I did resistance training before, but I need to do more! I’m going to try to stick it out for the first few weeks and see how things go! Thanks for the info!

    N: I need to commit, its gotten rediculous! I want to tone as well!!! Thanks!

    EniGma: loooool! Get In Ma Belly!!! hehehe

    Laialy: loooool! Seriously! I was little chubby but now I’m too fat for my own good! So I’m going to drop it!

    Sabah: Thanks bud! And good luck to you to! Its one hell of a commitment!

    Angelo: quite a few good points there! Thanks, but also I usually like working out with somebody at the gym who is committed, but in Kuwait it just doesn’t seem to be the case! 6-K Club just isn’t my thing!

    Judy: The problem is work, its really hard to get something to eat while at work so I can’t cut up the meals I just have to lessen it. I will try eating a few protien bars and see how things go!

    Pearls: Cool!

    Kismat: Thanks, but I think I will try doing this on my own for a bit! And see how it goes from there!

  20. Judy Abbott

    You know from my experience i don’t like protein bars , after a while they make me feel sick of food and sick of them and once i cut them off my appetite increases dramatically .

    You know what?
    Do you have a cook? They can fix you your meals in a lunch box.. and take your snacks, meals and drink… and by that you can go to work, eat, and go to the gym without feeling tired or hungry.. then continue with your life..
    Bedoon kasal :)

    This is how i’m doing it , and my brother and now all my class mates are doing it too :D

  21. Reyoum

    Diet pills all the way! Give it a try really…

  22. Judy: That would be interesting, getting something light to eat does help to keep a person going!

    Reyoum: I don’t think its the thing for me!

  23. m-m

    ana awal mara ad5al your blog ow awal mara akteb eb blog ! any way ana bas 7abet agolek i’m not a dietitian but I can help u lose some weight :)
    if u need my help u can contact me ..

  24. m-m: Thank you very much, I’m just making it known that I know that I need to lose the weight!!!! loooool! And I’m just curbing my appettite! hehehe

  25. maha

    ummm jareb my program if u don’t like it then u don’t have to do it .. just for a week :P this is me by the way m-m

  26. trisha

    This is for Muh’d Mansour if you’re eating that much and actually trying to gain weight and can’t ther might be an underlying medical problem causing this. It could be an overactive thyroid amung other things. I suggest you go to the doctor and discuss this with them.

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