I passed by this scene as I was driving down the 2nd ring road on Friday morning. There were 5 guys sitting on the sidewalk next to it. That is a cement pump truck and the arm is tilted in the wrong direction. I have no clue how it ended up like this but it must have been a slow tip over and it looked like nobody was hurt which is the important part, but still looks like a funny scene. RENTGIRLS

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Thank God that there were no injuries
    by the way
    good Snapshot :]

  2. hehe that is funny..

    it looks like a toy in this pic :P

  3. The idiots that drive huge trucks and buses think they’re in a race. The driver of this one probably tried to avoid an accident and hit the curb. looks funny though!

  4. Judy Abbott

    I don’t understand how could anything like that happens?!

    Its either the country has to change the roads calculations or have a cop on each corner to stop over speeders.

    il7emdellah no one was walking or driving by

  5. looks more like cow tipping to me lol!

  6. Aldenya: lol! Thanks!!

    DiiGMaa: seriously it doesn’t look like something bad happened, just funny!

    EniGma: I think the thing on the bank swung out and it pulled it over!

    Juddy: I’m curious to how it happened as well!

    Don Veto: I just think this was less damage!

    N: loooool! thats what I was thinking! hehehe

  7. I am willing to agree that the W880i is not bad with its interface. But Shush!

  8. Biohazard

    Looks like it wants to pee.

  9. Laialy: yup!

    Jacqui: looooooool!

    Biohazard: Now that didn’t pop into my head!

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