Upgrade.. maybe


When it comes to computer I always have in mind to upgrade it once every 1.5 years, now it seems I have reached that point. My main PC is acting up, its really slow on the start up, I have to wait over a minute for it to get things together.


  • Slow Startup
  • Needs a clean start
  • Some programs eat up the amount of Ram
  • 2.5 year old Graphics card

Since its my main PC I usually like it being the heavy hitter, so it needs to pack a punch.


  • 3.6 Ghz Pentium D
  • 2 GB Ram
  • nVidia 6800 GT 128 MB Ram
  • 6 year old sound card

I’m thinking about getting a new motherboard, chip, 4 GB of ram, and nVidia 8800 GTX, and a few other flares to go with it. I just haven’t looked at all the combinations yet and what is the best but cost-effective solution yet. I’m thinking about changing the case, but I have had the same case for the past 7 years for this main PC, so I’m looking at the Thermaltake case. I’m also thinking about two 750 GB HDs and running them in Raid 1 format so that everything will be safe guarded on this PC. Lots of things bouncing in my mind right now!

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  1. really its good thinking my brother

    you must Buy anew motherboard

    to make every thing ok

  2. Mo Hat

    Core2Duo, and X-Fi are your best bets. And thermaltake is sexy. ;)

  3. Make the smart move and switch to MAC

  4. Waleed

    I have this in mind for my next upgrade

    ntel Core 2 Extreme Processor Quad-Core QX6700 (2.66GHz, 8MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
    NVIDIA nForce® 590 SLI Chipset for Intel (D)
    3 or 4GB Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM
    2x 750GB Serial ATA Hard Drives
    256MB nVidia GeForce 7900 GS, Single and Dual or the 8800 GTX
    DVD+/-RW drive DL

  5. There are so many options! The initial specs you posted sound good. Don’t forget the HD/Blueray support!

  6. ًI can’t see any problem with your current hardware, that of course depends on your usage or what you run on this machine

    Raid is good, but do you really need it? do you run mission critical tasks like database(s) or 3D modeling ? or it’s only a gaming machine?

    may be all you need is a “little tweak” for your current config

    p.s. waiting for part xxx of your Vista project :)

  7. Change the hard drive; you’ll notice a huge speed difference.

  8. what ever you decide i support your decision 100% (mako sho’3el) :p

  9. Shaima’a: Don’t worry about it, since i’m working on it why not upgrade a few parts.

    Mo Hat: yup!! Thermaltake is nice!

    G-Funk: Not yet buddy!

    Mishal: looooool! Nope, there is no switch, I will use a MAC but my main will always be a PC!

    Waleed: Very nice specs, I’m thinking of something in that range!! Quad-Core packs a punch!

    N: I was thinking about adding that later!

    لمياء الحالمة: I use it for compiling video and audio, as well as editing a ton of pictures and back-up of a lot of stuff. Its really heavy duty usage thats why its acting up! The reason I want Raid is because I have a lot of files I don’t want to lose! Maybe a tweak will do but a change won’t hurt! I’m putting the part together!! :)

    3baid: I’m planning on doing that!

    K: I know!! Planning on asking you a lot!

    Laialy: looooooooool! Thanks!

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