Air Conditioning Issues


Why does it only happen when its getting hot! Right now there are guys in overalls roaming around the office messing around with power cables and the A/C keeps going off so its a little on the warm side here. Also our building is like a cube filled with metal beams so it disruppts the mobile signal inside the office, to get a mobile signal I have to walk outside in this heat. I don’t know why they do this type of work during the day or during office hours, work slows down, they should do this after hours. I can’t function with things like this, my brain is slowly shutting down, I need it to be cooler.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. somehow reminds me when I was at school 5 years ago in Kuwait, they have to move us or separate us to other classes, till they fix air conditions in our class.
    well…I don’t know how my story is related to your post, but it seemed cool, when I start posting it.
    anyway…right now my classes have no air conditioning system at all. You can image how it feels attending a class of 150 seats with over 300 students.

  2. i can’t imagine that happening where i’m training -_-
    Allah e3eenkom

  3. Muh’d M. Mansour: damn that does suck!!

    Laialy: I’m happy when they got things back on!

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