NBK – Blocking Blogs


Thanks to Frankom for pointing this out to me as well, it seems that NBK is specifically blocking me! I have no idea how they have reached the conclusion of blocking my Blog, but I find it funny they have made that much effort to block one single Blog. I don’t know others maybe blocked as well. At this point I don’t know how many more will start blocking me and if they will unblock. I am curious to the reason why they are blocking me.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. What’s NBK? And why would the block your blog? :-s .. That’s weird

  2. Eddy

    I don’t understand, how are they blocking your blog??I can still access it….

  3. That’s pretty perplexing. Why would banks specifically choose your blog? Maybe it’s just something in the internet tubes.


  4. yeah 35rolls told me too , that he cant check your blog out. he cant check his own blog from the bank..

  5. Biohazard

    Kinda gives you the “rebel” and “dangerous” feeling, doesn’t it?

    Mr.Ché “Marzouq” Guerrera


  6. Maybe they are punishing you for not updating your Anime page, you’re not an Otaku anymore? Stopped watching Anime? If you didn’t stop then what’s the latest Anime that you watched?

    Just know that if someone blocks you or hates you it means that you’re doing something right.

  7. Purgatory

    Maybe because you post too much food pictures.

  8. Biohazard

    Damn, NBK just sends out the “sexy” vibe especially with that greasy hair.

  9. jewaira

    i told you you’re a bad biker boy :P

  10. Judy Abbott

    Maybe you have lots of readers from NBK and they are not doing their job instead reading your blog, inaddition, maybe your blog is too large that is slowing their system..

    BTW i asked the IT and they know nothing about your blog being blocked

  11. F..

    Didn’t you read the latest business headlines? Reading you blog was linked to a decrease in bank employees’ productivity level..hehe ;)

  12. banks are afraid of bikers


    its a fact

  13. Nano

    I think its because of what 248am wrote about the
    new burgan add since word goes round and such comments
    can ruin a damage a banks image ….Dont u think??

  14. web traffic is usually monitored by companies and the software that does the filtering will generate analysis reports showing list of top sites visited by the employees. As an IT guy, I am sure you know all this.

    someone will then check each site to see if it is related to business. If not, well… it means employees are wasting company’s time, and they have every right to block it. happens everywhere.

    Good news is that your site most likely is heavily visited by the locals.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. how are they blocking it !

    i dont understand why tho,, theyr weird..

    mako shay to block on your blog..LOL i love what Judy wrote..

    its true !

  16. well…I don’t know why they do that, I think its merely politic to block blogs.
    I’m currently can check Marks 2:48 from Egypt. I don’t know why.

  17. welll they’re not paying emplolyees to blog

  18. it’s just bcoz they don’t want their employees entertain themselves in ur blog during thw working hours,,

  19. i agree with vampire,,,,,your blog is full of usefull info every almost three hours

  20. Man you’re famous!
    Did you make that picture yourself or did you use a website?

  21. HAHAHAHA 3ala Purg’s comment! I second his! :)

  22. Amjad: National Bank of Kuwait!

    MAZE: Damn it!!!

    Eddy: People from different offices are calling me from the banks thats how I know!

    Bojacob: I have no idea! I’m confused as well!

    Rayboy: yup, those are one of the places that I knew from!

    Biohazard:Guerrera! looooool! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! EVERYONE OFF TO MIAMI!!! loooool

    The[M]Code: loooool! Don’t worry I constantly watch anime, nonstop to be exact!

    Purg: Not enough really! hehehe

    Mark: yup!

    Biohazard: looooool!

    Jewaira: King of the Internet Underworld!

    Laialy: They are all turning against me!!!

    Judy Abbott: I will try to find out the IT guys emails and try shooting them emails asking them why am I being blocked!!! I don’t think this blog can slow any system down!!

    F.: looooool!!!!

    eshda3wa: looooooool!

    Nano: I don’t think I even mentioned anything about it, but I don’t think they are spilling over to the other blogs!

    Cajie: I’m happy that people like the blog but I didn’t think that IT people would take notice like that!

    Pearls: Unanimously quit!!! lol

    Amo0ora: loooool! Its about a piece of software or hardware that can do it, but I don’t understand the reasoning!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: From Egypt its fine, they don’t know about us yet!! lol

    EniGma: that is true, but sometimes you need a light break!!

    Vampire: looool!! They need breaks too!

    trixter: I thought every two hours!! hehehe

    Blue Ice Envy: No I didn’t make it, I searched for a good one and I liked that stamp!!!

    MSB: More food pictures coming along!!

  23. sara

    I don’t know exactly how I stumbled upon this blog, but I did. I think it is absolutely fascinating. You really do appear to live the ideal “consumer” life. From GQ mag to cars and video games. I’m not sure what my point is here, other than it caught me off-guard and I wanted you to know how interesting it was to me (someone who takes a great deal of interest studying consumer practices with in US).

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