R8 Launch Kuwait



I went to the Audi R8 launch with K.TheKuwaiti on Wednesday around 6 pm and I have to say that pictures don’t do this machine justice. It is a beautiful work of art and sculpted perfectly in every way. A lot of technology has been integrated into it, and I have to say that I love the gear shifter, it really feels like a machine that is meant to fly. The R8 is larger in real life then I thought it would be, and it also has a very nice interior for a race oriented sports car. It has the true Audi touches which make this one beautiful vehicle. The vehicle is going into production in July, and there are currently 30 people on the waiting list for this vehicle, and only a few will be coming into Kuwait by September. Amazing machine, too bad it was only a prototype and they wouldn’t have let us test drive it, I don’t think they would have even if it was the real thing, but it was nice to see. This event took place at the Sahara Country Club which is also worth a visit, its a very nice golf course, I’m not sure of the membership fees though.


The price is around 43’000 KD



















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  1. Sin

    I saw one too, when i was in the U.K. The LED in the head lights makes the car look like the meanest thing you’ve ever seen in your rearview mirror.

  2. Hasan.B

    Now that is an excellent car! I heared that the price will be reasonable, is that true?

  3. I think holla tried running you over accidentally today while you were on your bike

  4. Biohazard

    Damn, when I saw it I thought it was just some model car, didn’t think it was actually going to be sold. :|

    It would get raped in our bumpy streets though, and our amazing triangular speed bumps.

  5. daaaaaamn the car looks yummy
    i’ll have that car and one scoop of vanilla ice cream ^_^ (very random)

  6. jewaira

    beautiful car
    I always like the way you report with photos…

  7. i loved the design! but the size thing is a thing am eager to see in real life, it does look small, if its bigger in real life then it would be GREAT, because i do not want to see a beautiful design in the size of the Nissan Z for instance “no offense to Nissan’s mini car but i cant think of the R8 design on a small car”

    i think fouad al-ghanim are pulling it off well, slowly rising but they are in the right path, their campaigns are getting better & bigger, their launches are becoming more interesting, to let the people see a new car that is not yet out in production is a great move!

    back to the R8 i share ur view of it being amazing, i like the design agian the wide nose with slim aggressive eyes is lovely! still i have issues with the size but will take ur word that its cool :D

    all in all me likey :D

  8. Phaaaatttt Ride!!! Can’t wait to see it cruising around our roads.

  9. Bond, James Bond! Very hot ride!

  10. anybody saw Tiff test driving it in Fifth Gear show ?! he was impressed on how good it is!!

    i like it~

  11. EniGma: Updated it!

    Sin: It does look mean for sure!!

    Hasan.B: Not that reasonable!! Probably in a year but not right now!

    Mark: Yeah, we shall see what happens next time!

    Biohazard: Its not too low, you would be surprised. Its really nice too!

    Laialy: loooool! Ice Cream and the car, sounds like something I would have!

    Venus: very much so!

    Jewaira: I wish I could have taken more pictures!

    Q80-ChillGirl: It is bigger in real life, you would be surprised! I won’t mention anything else, just see it and you will like it!

    MacaholiQ8: Wait til September!

    N.: Yup, plain and simple!

    Vampire: Nice, I didn’t see that test drive! Will look for it!

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