My Riding Stats!


My Statistics from Riding in Kuwait

  • Bike Slides: 3
  • Accidental Wheelies: 26
  • Stoppies: 1
  • Cars Race (Male Driver): 7
  • Cars Raced (Female Driver): 3
  • Bikes Raced: 3
  • Birds That Hit My Head: 3
  • Birds That Almost Hit My Head: 20+
  • Pigeons That Hit My Head: 1 (That was a fat Pigeon)
  • Cigarettes That Hit Me: 2
  • Speeding Cameras That Took Pictures: 60+
  • Kids that wave: 30+
  • Times I got a phone call while riding: 11
  • Times I took someone behind me: 3
  • Ridden in Rain: 2
  • Ridden in a Sand Storm: 3
  • Ridden in a Hail Storm: 1
  • Bike Battery Died: 1
  • Group Rides: 19

This is just some of the things I have kept tally of while riding.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Its good that you keep stats, I lost count years ago.
    Ride safe ! :)

  2. Man you are the coolest! Now that I’m done with the very hard work, I’ll be reading my bible (your blog) everyday!!! :D

  3. Judy Abbott

    You know what,i came cross these bikes maybe twice… :)

    Now seriously , pigeons! aaaw

  4. Birds are suicidal in summer because of the heat. They never decide to fly across the street till your car is 3 inches away from their feet.

  5. Birds That Hit My Head: 3


  6. no hot chick hit ur head too while riding??

  7. ridden behind someone: once :(
    sad i tell u
    my dad didn’t let me take ridding lessons :(

  8. LOOOOOOL .. you had three car races with females? :-p ..

    How do females perform in racing? :-D

  9. Biohazard

    They take you out of the competition by swerving on you.

    Damn women!

  10. lol @ the bird stats! As vampire said, no bugs?

  11. Pigeons That Hit My Head: 1 (That was a fat Pigeon)

    cracked me up!!

  12. jewaira

    How fun to keep stats like that!
    Eww a pigeon! I never thought of things like that happening to bikers!

  13. mathew: This is just in Kuwait! Forget the states!!

    Nora: looool! I hope you did great with whatever your doing!

    Juddy Abbott: nice!! Where did you come a cross them? Yup Pigeons!!!

    The[M]Code: There are birds and there are Kamikazi Birds!!!

    Mark: yup!!!! Its like they are drunk or something!

    vampire: Too many to count!

    MAZE: I haven’t seen then yet!

    Carlsb3rg: Hellll No!!!

    Laialy: it isn’t easy for a girl!!

    Amjad: The girls are pretty damn insane!!!!!

    Biohazard: You don’t want to know!!

    N: No birds yet!! But yeah lots of bugs, too many!!

    EniGma: You woudln’t be laughing if you saw it coming at you!!

    jewaira: loooool! Happens quite a bit!

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