Pyro Flat


Friday I went for a quick ride to satisfy my urge to ride when I was going around the corner and I felt the bike dip quicker then usual which I thought was odd and continued. Then as I was turning in for the next corner I felt the bike dip in quicker again, so then I pulled over and looked at the rear tire and I saw that it was a little low on air and decided to head home.


I couldn’t find the puncture but no matter how many times I filled up the air, it would drop to almost no pressure. I was lucky I was close to home, and I contacted Tristar asking them to pick up the bike and I was promised that the bike would be picked up on Sunday. Pyro is out of commission, I just hope they have the tire in stock. I’m really curious as to when the tire was damaged, and I’m lucky that did happen while I was riding fast or far. There is almost no air in the rear tire.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You should spray water/soap at tire and see where it bubbles .. if the tire looks fine, you might have a bent tire.

  2. lfc-Q8

    or maybe its just the valve stem

  3. Eddy

    bad luck…..

    what about robo? hows he doing? :)

  4. Biohazard

    Damn, riding a bike seems like a science, physics and shit.

    It doesn’t sound so appealing anymore. :|

  5. jewaira

    aww poor Pyro
    Yes you were lucky you weren’t going fast

  6. K: I don’t have anything to lift it! Thats the problem! So I can’t do the soap and water thing! I really don’t think the rim is bent, I was looking at!

    lfc-Q8: Not sure, thats why they are going to check it out!

    Eddy: Robo needs a bit of an energizer bar!

    Biohazard: You need to know a few things! You need to know the technical side of it, not just the fun side!

    Laialy: I have no clue!

    vampire: loool! Not yet!

    Trixter: alah esalmik!

    Jewaira: yup, I just hope he will be fine soon!

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