Failed Start


I haven’t started Robo since last time’s incident so I decided to jump start the bike and then get it going. I waited about 10 minutes of charging would suffice and then I would be able to start it, and it start after a the first try. As soon as I pulled in the Clutch the bike died again.

I tried another time and let the motorcycle charge for 12 minutes and then I started up the motorcycle and I shifted a few times with success. As soon as I stalled once the motorcycle died and wouldn’t start up.
So it seems the battery is pretty much used up and I am better off just replacing the battery so I’m going to full replace the battery and look into getting a motorcycle battery charger. I just have to contact Tristar and hopefully they have this battery, or I’m going to have to wait for the trickle charger.

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  1. That won’t be so hard! You’ll just get it replaced and get Robo going again!

    Hope you’ll be having fun with both of your babies soon! :)

  2. Jafar

    Here is all you need to know about batteries and modern vehicles :

    1- Never Jump start a modern vehicle with another battery or anoher vehicle. This could cause a possible state of High Voltage Peak which could result in damaging Electronic Computer Boards (since there is no Voltage Stabalizer in between ,,,like the one you use on electronic equipments at home or office to curtail any surge in the Voltage from the main line).
    of course you can still Jump Start but in this case you use Modern computer controlled Jumping aids
    ( Most high performance cars have self protection and will not accept a Jump Start which is not a proper Jumping aid)

    2- If a battery in very low then it must be slow charged at a rate of 10% of it’s nominal capacity ,,,so a 60 A/h battery will require at least 10 hrs of charging at a rate of 6 Amps /hr.

    3- If you jump atart a low battery and ride fast then it will be charged at a very high rate which will reduce it’s life time.

    4- A battery should not stay without charge for more than 1 month,so the best thing if a vehicle is not in use to keep the battery under trickle chrge

    5- The choice of the charger will depend on the Battery type (i.e. Liquid Electrolit or Jel /AGM )

    from what you have written it is possible that Robo’s battery is still perfectly OK .It just needs to be properly charged. Jumping a low battery and ridding off may still not have enoogh energy to function all electronics needed for a smoth operation of the engine and related equipments.

  3. ooh well, I’ve always liked Robo more.

  4. Nora: Replacement in my case is the only option!

    Jafar: I knew about the idea of the trickle charge and that I’m not supposed to jump start using the vehicle, but I wanted to ride the bike! It was my only option!!

    Pearls: loooooool!!! Will get him going!

  5. the battery should be charge for a minimum of 10 hours!!!

  6. poor robo
    you let him down and betrayed him with Pyro
    he is hurt :p

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