Back and Kicking


It has been a while since I have ridden Robo, but I’m happy as hell I was riding on Thursday. Got on Robo around 7 am and I knew I had to be at work by 8:30am so I was going to go for a joy ride before going to work. I knew I had presentation to do but I wasn’t worried, more like I was enjoying the ride and the good music. It was 33 degrees but not too bad since it was still early morning.


After work is when I went for a ride down the gulf road from Shuwaikh all the way down to Miseela. It was an enjoyable time since I have been on Robo for a while and I forgot how much fun this bike is, but it took me about 20 minutes to readjust to the different feeling of this machine. They are two very distinct machines and with this one I have to tune myself differently when riding. As soon as the song by Stonebridge ft. Therese came on I dropped a gear and just flew, that song gets me going and its as if everything is in slow motion and I’m flying. When looking at Robo I really do feel that he is a transformer with that look, real brute strength ripping the ground apart.


It was pretty damn hot but I was enjoying myself at 46 degrees without too many issues as long as I was moving. The one thing I noticed was how much cooler Robo ran compared to Pyro, my legs weren’t getting cooked and I was happy about that. As soon as I got home I parked and cleaned Robo a bit, and then I put my gear back in the closet cleaning my Haga helmet and taking off my boots. Then I was in the basement and I noticed the little guy sitting in the shade of the window in the basement. This guy was so lazy it is was funny, he didn’t even care that I was right next to him taking pictures, he looked comfortable and happy to find this shade. The funny part is that I have seen him there twice now, and it seems this is his territory where he relaxes and nobody bothers him.
















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. welcome back robo :D

    next week enshala ;)

  2. Jewaira

    Ooof mashallah looking good…the effect of that helmet …mmm..
    Don’t you wish your bike was a super bike and that you could drive off of that pier and out over the sea and into the sky! Love the photos.

  3. I told you need to ride Robo more often!!! ;)

    Seems like you have had a great day!!! Nice pics!!

    I love cats!! He is cute!!! :D

  4. the little guy looks comfy in that spot. :)

  5. Vampire: Inshalla!

    Jewaira: Sometimes I wish I could just take off! That would be cool, but it flies when your riding!!! happy you enjoying the photos!

    Nora: yeah funny guy sitting my the window!

    Mathew: yup, just chillin! No care in the world!

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