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I was previously thinking about upgrading my current PC with a few parts, but now I have come to the conclusion I want to build a new machine from scratch. And these are the specs that I’m currently going with. What I have in mind is simple, a powerful PC with a sturdy case which can handle all tasks without any fuss.

This is combination that I have come up with, if you guys have any comments then let me know. I think this is a powerful system with this combination and regarding the hard drives then it would a combination of them not all of them.

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  1. Those are some really good choices. What kinda RAID config are you aiming for ? I think the Hitachi Deskstar would be a preferred option. Even though its 7200 RPM, the transfer rate and cache are higher

  2. lfc-q8

    Z will it have an hdmi port? if not try to get a vid card with it, it willl make a nice setup with ur av reciver

  3. knafa

    wow, it’s a gamers pc, i think you are multimedia person and you can go for much less price than this

    1-Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 – programs are still fight to make use the 2 core so 4 core is just waste for the price.

    i performance (Intel Core 2 Duo E6600) price and performance wise.

    2-8800GTX – if you won’t play that much game you can go with 8800GTS cuase i think it has full purevideo 2 support which even 8800GTX lacks.

    3-you can go with 650i chipset for less price and about same performance

    and do you want to buy all this from newegg?

  4. knafa

    *i performance (Intel Core 2 Duo E6600) price and performance wise.*

    sorry for that i mean i recommend :)

  5. And i have a simple answer for you ………………………..”MACINTOSH” :-)

  6. Mo Hat

    Nvm what kanufa said he doesn’t understand how Core2Duo is already amazingly used in processing and games, and GTX all the way Marzouq! Only thing I’d worry about if you are sure you don’t want to go with DDR3 RAM http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145182 I feel it’s a waste…as the top of the line is right there and you’re going for 4gb DDR2 (those 2 DDR3 will rape the 4gb DDR2) so make the wise choice, and get a DDR 3 compatible mobo as well as this. And it’s corsair all the better! :D

  7. My 0.02$:

    1. Keep the Q6600 you will need the extra cores very soon (new application support)

    2. The GTX is a good choice, with a little overclocking it is faster than the Ultra. Check out the one from eVGA .. they have great support/warranty and you can upgrade within 90 days for the cost of the difference.

    3. Too many Harddrives! The 7K1000 is just as fast as the Raptor, and putting it in a raid configuration is not going make it that much faster (in real world applications). Stick with only the 7K1000s for now and add more as you need it (the price will drop).

    4. Change the fan, while the 9700 is great (I have one) you will have better results with the Tuniq Tower 120 or Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme. Also check out the peltier cooler, the Monsoon II Lite. Also pick up some thermalpaste, I prefer the Artic Silver 5.

    5. Stick with the 680i, you might need the sli in the future if you want to upgrade. And with all the extra features you are getting .. its worth the price.

    6. DDR3 is overkill for the price .. I would stick to DDR2 for now, I am not a big fan of corsair:

  8. And where is the soundcard! I hope you don’t plan on using the onboard crap?

  9. Mo Hat

    Oh shit yeah you have to go with Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic it meets all your needs for games, entertainment, and audio creation (don’t go below an XtremeMusic there’s an XtremeGamer but crappy) and if you need the X-RAM (to help process sounds in games faster but frankly I don’t see a real need for it) you can get a fatali1ty or elite, which has a interface which you can fit on a 5.25″ Bay.

  10. That is one mean machine and the comments are superb! I haven’t had time to look into building a machine I got a few guides but couldn’t collect myself to plan it! I think I’ll probably just stay with the mac :p

  11. Letmego

    If you are buying them online,go for Mushkin ram sticks,they are seamless performers.

  12. Mathew: Ok, so the 1 TB Hitachi is the way to go! I’m not doing any raid if the HDs are fast enough!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks!

    lfc-q8: I really don’t want an HDMI, I want this to be pure DVI! This is going to be connected to normal screens!!

    knafa: I will still go for the Quad Core because I do video compilation and editing, while listening to music, editing pictures, and browsing as well as keeping everything open! I’m sticking with the 680i because of its track record and with the 8800GTX I just want to have a good punch for gaming if I wanted and overclocking capabilities! For newegg I just use it for browsing but price hunting I go elsewhere!

    G-Funk: hahahaha! Man You should be paid by Apple!

    Mo Hat: DD3 is too expensive for the performance difference!! Its not really worth it! I’m trying to do it right but I don’t want to go rediculously overboard!

    K: 1) keeping! 2) I will check it out! 3) Recommendation taken 4) I will check it out 5) Cool 6) Ok, I willl check that out too!

    And I forgot the sound card! hahaha

    Mo Hat: I don’t want to spend too much on the sound card really!

    N.: nice! I really do enjoy putting together a machine!!

    Letmego: I will checkout the mushkin ram sticks!

  13. Letmego

    dude! i forgot to tell but why dont u get the Killer NIC? I heard its nice for gaming and stuff!

  14. Killer NIC is the singlemost useless piece of hardware to have ever been released.

  15. Letmego: I’m not going to be gaming much on this PC, its going to be more of a multimedia type machine. The Killer NIC won’t help especially with our networks.

    K: looool!

  16. Mo Hat

    If I shit in a bag, put it on my PCI port, that’s something that’s better than the KILLER NIC. And yeah DDR3 is overkill hehe, go for Corsair 1033Mhz then, not 800Mhz. K you bastard corsair ftw!

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