Humid Riding



I decided I wanted to get a haircut and made an appointment earlier in the day. I wanted to ride for a bit before going there and I knew it was humid, that is all everyone and myself was complaining about. We aren’t used to this humidity in Kuwait, but when it comes to riding humidity is your friend. When I was riding it was much cooler and as the wind was hitting me I felt cool breeze instead of the usual hot breeze. It was nice and streets was somewhat empty, and I was enjoying myself, but when there was traffic I got into a few close calls because some people just don’t pay attention when driving. I got home and I was happy I was riding Robo since I was blast out of corners, they really are two different machines. And it was nice feeling clean shaven after a weeks of the light beard.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Its vey nice, how you spend your time doing thing that keep you busy most of the time.
    Good for You

  2. Mo Hat

    Marzouq why not shave yourself? tsk tsk ;)

  3. i always shave myself :P~

    yesterday i rode my bike to the garage for the service at 4 pm,, it was better with the humidity as u said,, cooler air than sunny days,,

  4. It’s always nice to get cleaned in your case shaved in my case facial or waxed!! Well you get what I mean!! ;)

    Here in Cyprus it’s usually humid and I do say when riding in humidity it feels cooler!! Glad some one else agrees with me! :P

  5. Carlsb3rg

    “I got into a few close calls because some people just don’t pay attention when driving.”

    Or maybe cuz kent shab el3ali???!! I dunno if bikes’ lights are like this or if the riders open el3ali on purpose, but it’s really blinding and you can’t see its indicators if its gonna turn. Oh yeah.. and they vibrate alot.

  6. I’ll take humudity over dry burning wind any day

  7. Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks! You have to enjoy yourself!

    Mo Hat: Because its more relaxing to have it done outside!!! Its one of the things I look forward to!

    Angelo: Its more relaxing when somebody else does it! And he gets it right everytime! alah yin3am ib 7aalik!

    vampire: Having it done is more relaxing for me! And the humidity really helped out!

    Nora: yeah riding in the humid weather is cooler!!

    Carlsb3rg: we have to run our lights bright because people don’t notice the low beams. We are taught in every training to switch on our high beams in the night! Serously people don’t notice me if my high beam isn’t on, and some people can just move out of the way. Even with my high beam on they lean it!

    EniGma: Yup!

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