Mac OS X Leopard


This is the main reason that I would purchase a Mac at this point, if you haven’t picked one up yet then wait until October of 2007 to pick up a Mac with OS X Leopard included. It has over 300 new features with a lot of things which have been improved such as iTunes, iChat, a new way to organize files and a lot of other things. Its well worth forking over $129 for this amazing OS, if Tiger was great I can only imagine how good this OS will be.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Hate to be the one to tell you ” I told you so” :-p

  2. maybe i’ll reward myself one for graduation in December or Jan. ^_^

  3. G-funk: looool! I was expecting that! hehehe

    Muh’d M. Mansour: It already is looking good!

    DiiGMaa: looool!

    Q8ari: yup it is!

    Laialy: Inshalla!!

  4. i quit MS 7 months ago
    I quit Windows 3 months ago and life has never been the same.
    6 Months of MAC and not
    1. A single Virus
    2. A single Adware
    3. A single Blue screen
    4. A single Error while running applications
    5. A single hardware related problem
    6. A single REGRET word

    Bought my new Macbook pro 2.4 Ghz 3 days ago and a 22″inch screen to soup the show.
    I totally HEART Mac.

    PS: I still Love MS Office and 2007 rocks. Can’t wait for 2008 for MAC :)

  5. fadibou: very nice! I really liked the way you put all that together!!!! hehe! I like Macs too but got too much tweaking in me so I’m stuck on Windows based PCs! But your right less problems on MACs!

  6. Marzouq : Admit it .. Macs are WAY much better than any PC You’ll ever own or tweak :D

    Macs are tweak-able too . so stop giving us such lame excuses every time somebody mentions the switch to mac :)

    Trust me … Once you go mac .. you’ll never go back ;)

  7. It’s slightly disappointing that only 10 of the 300 features were mentioned; I’m interested in knowing the details. ZFS support? 512-pixel icons? what else? :/

  8. I know I saw it the other day while browsing Wired. It looks fantastic and promising as well. I realize that you prefer Windows (and that’s cool) especially for exclusive programs and torrents (although I heard there’s a torrent compatible with Mac) but I personally believe that Windows is ideal for desktops and Mac for laptops.

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